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NEW! Stockholm – A colouring book

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 10, 2018 18:21 CEST

The first in a series of colouring books which showcases as diverse places as Skroten café, BioRio and Drottningholm castle theater. Guiding you to exciting places, invites you to co creation as well as being the perfect bring-to-dinner or bring-on-vacation present. To be found at Designtorget and selected stores early June.

Peel back the layers of Stockholm’s cobblestoned core through this insider’s guide to a multi-layered Scandinavian streetscape. Colour your way into the soul of the city with a bespoke set of collaborative pictures. An insider’s keen eye sets the scene for you to colour the tone. Let your own fantasy and mood decide a night sky over a blue, a lit window over dark, dramatic shadows over midday, while mulling over a coffee and kladdkaka; trace every detail while you people watch. And as we say - a city you have drawn, you will always carry with you.Storyboard artist Patrik Berg takes us to favourite and picturesque places in Stockholm

Patrik Berg is an Art Director turned illustrator, trained at The Royal College of Arts Craft and Design (Konstfack) with years of experience drawing storyboards for TV series, commercials, events and ad campaigns. He works from Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden.