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New Strong Director for Ementor Consulting

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 06, 2005 13:24 CEST

(Denmark) Søren B. Sørensen, 44 years old, will enter the position as Director for Ementor Consulting, which is an integration of Ementor’s business consultants and SAP consultants. Søren B. Sørensen,has more than 20 years of experience all in all from the consultancy and IT industry, and comes from a position as CEO at the consultancy business R5, which he held for five years. Søren B. Sørensen will take up the position immediately.

During his career, Søren B. Sørensen has already produced a number of remarkable results, e.g. the development of R5 from a small and local Danish consultancy business to the enterprise that R5 is today. At Ementor, Søren B. Sørensen will be managing the realization of the potential that exists in the consultancy and SAP business areas - Ementor Consulting.

The establishment of Ementor Consulting will exploit the synergies between the two areas, and create a stronger and more innovative unit which is able to deliver value adding solutions based on the broad and in-depth business oriented competence profile, which the merger provides.

“Because Ementor has gathered all the consultants in one unit, it provides a strong unit and plenty of exiting opportunities. In this way, we have all the business know-how and competence under one roof, which our customers can profit from,” says Director, Søren B. Sørensen, Ementor Consulting. “I have always viewed Ementor as a very skilful and strong IT and consultancy firm, so I look forward to working with the exiting challenge of developing Ementor Consulting to be an even stronger player on the market,” he continues.

“I am pleased and proud that we have attracted as strong a management capacity as Søren B. Sørensen, and I look forward to seeing the results he will produce with the great potential that currently exists in Ementor Consulting. I have no doubts that Søren and his co-workers will make Ementor Consulting one of the preferred partners in consulting and SAP implementation in the Nordic region,” says Managing Director, Carsten Dilling, Ementor Danmark A/S.

For additional information, please contact:
Carsten Dilling, Managing Director, Ementor Danmark A/S, tel: +45 2969 0969