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New Swedish Electro House Duo "Agravic" Releases Debut Single "Tonight" on PR Records

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 01, 2013 15:48 CEST

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, EDM producers Marcus Thell and Daniel Larsson have fused their musical talents into the new electronic dance duo called Agravic. Creating a playful and unique electro house with uplifting melodies, innovative rhythms and raw head-on electro drops.

Marcus growing up playing the piano is the key behind the melodies and Daniel with his huge productions and love for heavy electro drops creates the foundation of Agravic's unique sound. 

After years of success with their own personal projects making remixes for labels like EMI, Warner, PR Records, Cosmos and Uniform Beats they meet and collaborated on two smashing remixes of "Mya ft. Sean Paul - Rear view mirror" as well as "Bosson ft. Apollo-4 - 10.000 feet". This worked out so well that they decided to create a new project together. The result: Agravic was born.

These guys are in every aspect tireless advocates of their art, so keep a watchful eye on them, as they are poised to follow through with an arsenal of epic electronic rockets.

Debut single "Tonight" out now!





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