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NEW! Warm white, omnidirectional pygmeé bulb with LED

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 18, 2015 13:28 CEST

LED bulbs are the most energy effective and sustainable way to produce light but have until now looked very different compared to the old incandescent light bulbs. he ne filament-LED technology have changed that and makes it possible to create LED light bulbs that resembles incandescent ones almost to the point of not being able to tell the difference. Star Trading broadens their already vast assortment of these bulbs and one of this falls most anticipated news is the pygmeé shaped LED bulb, the most popular bulb type for small windows, lamps, picture lights, various decorative lights, christmas stars etc. The pygmeé bulb comes in two warmwhite shades, 2100K and 2700K, and replaces 15W incandescent light bulbs. It also comes in a dimmable version with 2700K with more light output, equivalent to a 25W incandescent light bulb.

Vi erbjuder ett av marknadens bredaste sortiment inom elektrisk julbelysning för konsumentbruk, från trendiga och traditionella trä- och metalljusstakar, adventsstjärnor och stjärnor på fot till glaskulor och ljusslingor för inom- och utomhusbruk, samt silhuetter och granar med belysning.