New web site for doctors has potential to save healthcare millions

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 08, 2008 23:50 CEST

New web site for doctors has potential to save healthcare millions

Lakarportalen is a new web site that offers cost-free and effective recruiting of doctors in true web 2.0 style. The founders of the web site are two young Scandinavian doctors: Johannes Arpegard and Tobias Perdahl

"There's every possibility for the healthcare sector to save millions", says Tobias Perdahl

Public and private healthcare spend hundreds of millions yearly on the recruitment of doctors.

While other industries have embraced the digital revolution to optimise effectiveness and cut costs, hospitals and clinics continue to use expensive HR consultants to recruit doctors.

HR consulting is a costly service that often adds several hundred per cent on top of the actual doctor salaries, which increases healthcare costs and adds to already expensive healthcare.

When other industries benefit from the use of Internet to effectively match supply and demand, doctors still rely on manual research to find out where they are best needed.

Two young doctors, Tobias Perdahl and Johannes Arpegard, saw the urgent need for change from both employers and employees within the healthcare sector.

"We realised that no platform existed for direct communication between employers and employees. For such a platform to be successful, it needs to be cost free and be designed specifically for doctors - we have created just that platform" - says Johannes Arpegard

"To use Läkarportalen for recruitment is natural to us. It's a genius idea to offer cost free and effective recruitment, why hasn't anyone come up with this before? It's great for the public sector, it's great for everyone!" - claims Lisbet Engelmark-Haupt, unit director at Quintiles-Hermelines, one of many employers that welcomes the launch of Läkarportalen

With the launch of Läkarportalen, both doctors and employers can now look for new colleagues in a way that previously hasn't been possible.



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