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Newgen Distribution Newsletter - December

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 01, 2017 13:27 CET

Newgen distributes DJI Drones in collab with Gresvig Group

We've introduced the world's leading brand within drone manufacturing, DJI, to the largest sports chain in Norway, the Gresvig Group. With coverage of 220+ G-Max and G-Sport stores we believe this will be a great success. Customers will find DJI displays on site and products to buy the forthcoming quarter. 

GRAMAS leather accessories - Designed in Tokyo

Found by a coincidence at the IFA fair in Berlin, we realized GRAMAS was something extraordinary we hadn't seen before. It's high quality leather goods turned into beautiful mobile phone shells and tablet accessories. Designed and handcrafted in Tokyo. We were delighted to have the opportunity to have them visiting from Japan. At the moment Newgen is presenting GRAMAS to customers in Nordics/Baltics for a collaboration in Q1. 

Power Product Training 2017 in Oslo

Our true partner Peter Groom, previously Northern Europe Sales Director at Fitbit and current EMEA Sales Director at Tile, and Newgen's Product manager Patrik attended Power Product Training. Several hundreds of staff personnel at POWER in the Nordics - Norway, Finland and Denmark were educated in Tile's trackers. The world's best selling Bluetooth trackers. Appreciated amongst both purchasers and employees. 

Air Charge - Wireless charging and Apple partner

Presented at the Apple conference in September touching the new features of wireless charging in new iPhone models, Air-Charge caught a lot of attention. Newgen have initiated a potential partnership with Air-Charge and agreed to show the full range to Newgen's major customers and CE-chains. Air-Charge offers both wireless charging pads/desk mats, charging cases for wireless charging (for mobile phones without wireless feature built in) and exciting solutions for airports, office landscapes, hotel lobbys, even restaurants. Why not charging your phone for a few minutes while eating your hamburger at McDonalds? We believe this will be a large interesting opportunity for our B2B-department. 

Woolet - Wireless charging in exclusive leather goods

Presented by a partner Woolet's design and affordable price points made us interested. The interest from our customers have showed the same. To be able to charge your phone wirelessly in your car while driving, put on your bedroom table or at the mousemat while working on your computer is just great. Wireless charging is here to stay. It makes your life easier.

Store updates and new products in range

Urbanista is one of latest new vendors. Urbanista is the best selling earphone brand in the Nordics and Newgen's mission is to open new channels for distribution within Sports/Clothing. Below we can see Urbanista launched the in shelves at a G-Sport store in Oslo! The Urbanista team puts a lot of soul and passion into their brand. We can also see our appreciated Bluetooth-trackers from Tile in the shelves at G-Sport. We're also happy to announce that Tile is on the first page of Eplehuset's online site together with the brand new iPhone X. Eplehuset is a premium Apple reseller with a broad range of accessories and product categories. New fresh POS-displays for our Sphero droids are also being sent out to all El Giganten/Elkjøp stores. Fitbit have recently been local with a pop-up solution at the City central station in Stockholm. Why not jog inside the new Fitbit "Ionic" and try it on at place! Fitbit Ionic is also seen at the new POS-displays at Stadium Pulse, Kungsgatan, together with Max from Newgen. 

Products worth having an extra look at in Christmas time

Track your bags, keys, wallet with Tile trackers. Try coding with the new affordable Sphero Mini robot. Have gadget-fun with the Sphero droids controlled with a Sphero Force band. Below Sphero BB-9 is seen at a visit in the Newgen kitchen! Also Nonda, the car chargers that charges twice as fast with many other smart features, reviewed in Norway's Autofil. All of our products are available in major CE-chains and e-tailers. 

A few words about us and our team

You're always welcome to come by our office and grab a coffee! 

Newgen Distribution is a leading distribution company connecting the Nordics & Baltics with the best technologies. 

We are now part of the CMS Group, Europe's leading specialist distributor. The merger will help us continue our aggressive growth and integrates Newgen into a Pan-European distribution group with an excess of revenue over 330M EUR for 2016. The group expects to reach 500M EUR 2017. 

We add value to our partners distribution solution, being local in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Newgen has local service partners including RMA hubs, covering all the Nordic countries. We continuously continue to develop these services to increase the service level for our customers.