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Newly formed company will be a leader in climate services in the Nordic region

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 15, 2013 12:09 CEST

Respect Sustainable Business RSB AB and South Pole Holding Ltd jointly formed a new company in Sweden’s climate sector. The name of the new company is Respect Climate AB and its focus will be on climate services and climate projects.

Respect Climate will be a leading company for climate services in the Nordic region with the largest portfolio of greenhouse gas reducing carbon offset projects. In addition to carbon offsets, Respect Climate will introduce a number of interesting and innovative products into the Nordic market.

Respect Climate is a joint venture between South Pole Holding Ltd, Switzerland and Respect Sustainable Business RSB AB. The services and products of the climate division of Respect Sustainable Business will be part of the new company’s portfolio of services. Respect Climate will also be marketing and distributing South Pole’s services and products in the Nordic region.

-  The formation of Respect Climate is an extremely positive development for the environment and climate change sector in Sweden. It will further encourage Nordic companies at home to engage in global environmental issues, says Bertil Rosquist, CEO of Respect Sustainable Business.

-  Climate change continues to be one of the most pressing issues of this century, yet politicians are globally struggling to properly address the topic. The new company Respect Climate allows for innovative companies in the Nordic region to be part of the solution to climate change right now, says Renat Heuberger, CEO of South Pole.

-   We see that customers increasingly demand for projects with a focus on both climate benefits and practical solutions for the local communities. With our unique portfolio we are fully capable of meeting these needs. We will also continue to provide strategic consulting as well as our climate impacting accounting services and our highly successful action programs for climate neutrality, says Jens Olejak, CEO of Respect Climate.

South Pole Holding Ltd owns 51 percent of the new company and Respect Sustainable Business RSB AB owns 49 percent.

For more information please contact:
Bertil Rosquist, CEO of Respect Sustainable Business at +46 73 654 24 29  
Jens Olejak, CEO of Respect Climate at +46 70 274 17 62
Renat Heuberger, CEO South Pole Holding  at +41 43 501 35 50

About South Pole Group

Zurich based South Pole is one of the world’s leading premium carbon offsetting providers. In twelve offices around the globe, about 100 carbon professionals fight climate change – as close to the projects as to the clients. South Pole enables the implementation and operation of about 250 high-quality projects that efficiently reduce greenhouse gases and at the same time benefit local communities and the environment. The company focuses on premium projects and has delivered the first ever Gold Standard credits and the first Social Carbon credits from Asia. Its unparalleled portfolio comprises projects in the fields of renewable energy, forestry, energy efficiency, waste management, methane avoidance, household emissions and many other sectors.

Beyond offsetting South Pole offers tailor made solutions for supply chain emission reduction projects, distinctive consultancy services in new carbon markets and related sectors, and is ahead of the pack when it comes to new market mechanisms.

In 2011 and 2012, South Pole was elected Best Project Developer in Environmental Finance’s Voluntary Carbon Market Survey. In 2012 South Pole’s CEO Renat Heuberger was awarded as Swiss Social Entrepreneurs of the Year 2011 by Schwab Foundation/WEF.

About Respect Sustainable Business RSB AB

Respect Sustainable Business was founded in the year 2000 by Anita and Gordon Roddick, who had previously successfully combined business with sustainability at The Body Shop, as well as Per-Uno Alm and Kaj Embrén who by that time where pioneers in sustainable development.

Respect Sustainable Business offers expertise in the implementation of systematic sustainability efforts that strengthen businesses and brands. Respect’s sustainability and climate program combines strategic consulting, project management and internal and external communications with effective and readily available IT-tools.

Respect’s service portfolio consists of strategic development, management and governance, supply chain management and sourcing, audits as well as sustainability communication.