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Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 05, 2014 12:06 CEST

Colours of Ostrava

The musical event of the year in Ostrava: A music festival with an exceptionally wide range of styles and genres.

This international multi-genre music festival has been held in Lower ​​Vítkovice since 2013, in an industrial area of ​​abandoned mines, smelters and iron works with a unique atmosphere. Twice has Colours of Ostrava won the Angel Award for the Music Event of the Year, and it also picked up the award for the best music event of the year several times in the ALMA survey (Akropolis Live Music Awards) in the category of concert/festival of the year. In addition to more than 150 bands and a heaping dose of jazz, world music, rock, pop and alternative, the festival includes a splendid supporting program full of films, discussions, workshops and theater performances.

Date: 17. - 20. 7. 2014

Type: Open air festival

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Harrachov Beer Festival 

A summer beer festival in Harrachov with great music and lots of competitions.

Several times now Harrachov beer has been awarded the Gold Seal of beer and included among the most famous Czech beers. You can try it for yourself at the traditional beer festival held on the site of the glass factory andmicrobrewery in Harrachov. In addition to a wide range of beers from a local microbrewery and the breweries Kocour and Konrád, you can enjoy concerts, an ample raffle and tour of the museum and glass factory with the chance of trying glass blowing yourself. The festival includes a glass fair, attractions and creative workshops for children and extreme competitions for adults. Try to chug a mug of beer, ride a drunken bike or toss a barrel!     

Date: 19. 7. 2014

Type: Beer festival

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Chodsko Festival and the Vavřinecká Fair Domažlice

Come see how to entertain people in Chodsko!

Chodsko is a region in western Bohemia, where the local bagpipe music, dance, customs and traditions have been preserved. The center of Chodsko is the city of Domažlice, where every year in August the Chodsko Festival, one of the oldest folklore festivals in the Czech Republic, takes place. The main part of the program consists of folk music and dance performed by groups on several stages. Another attraction is a large traditional Czech fair in the historic center of the city, the Vavřinecká fair in Domažlice and excellent Chodsko cakes.

Date: 09 - 10. 8. 2014

Type: Folk event

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IceWine du Monde - World Day of Ice Wine Lednice

For the fourth time, Lednice wil become paradise of winemakers, sommeliers andlovers of ice and straw wines. At the end of August, sommeliers and professional wine stewards wil gather at Lednice Chateau to select the best ice, straw and naturally sweet wines from around the world. The program for professionals and the competition is supported by an open-air festival for the general public, which is held in the park in Lednice. You can buy and try wines made by Czech and Moravian winemakers, as well as regional specialties and products of traditional craftsmanship. The supporting program includes Concerts, theatrical performances, musicals, a gastro show, performances of folk and dance groups and also a competition. Anyone interested can join in the general judging of the ice wines.

Date: 30. - 31. 8. 2014

Type: Wine festival

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