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Next generation ultra-bright digital signage display joins X Series portfolio

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 28, 2011 16:11 CET

Stockholm, 28 November 2011NEC Display Solutions Europe has announced the launch of the MultiSync® X462HB, a 46-inch LCD public display designed for high brightness environments such as lobbies, public spaces, outdoor events and quick service restaurants.

With a maximum brightness value of 1,500 cd/m2 the X462HB, combined with the high-definition 1080p resolution and large viewing area, offers easy readability even in sun-flooded buildings, and the ambient light sensor ensures that the brightness is automatically adjusted as the light conditions change. The display is also equipped with a special quarter-lambda polarising filter, which enables owners of polarised glasses to view the content on the screen regardless if the display is mounted in portrait or landscape orientation.

As a member of NEC’s X Series range of public displays, the MultiSync® X462HB also includes all the features a user would expect from the range, including a professional-grade LCD panel with advanced thermal protection and sealed panel design to cope with the rugged environments and 24/7 operation required for the digital signage industry.

Similarly, a carbon footprint meter, OSD rotation for portrait mode, a full range of inputs with picture-in-picture support and rapid input switching all ensure that operation is simple and effective. Other, increasing standard, NEC features such as network connectivity for automated email notifications for diagnostic purposes, TileMatrix™ technology for video walls up to 100 displays and a STv1 built-in expansion slot for seamless integration of slot-PCs and other options, all enable operators to easily manage their entire display portfolio.

“In bright and open spaces it’s easy for a company’s message to be washed out, or even blacked out by polarised sunglasses. This type of model is extremely popular with retailers and organisations requiring a bright display to accommodate high ambient lighting conditions,” said Thorsten Prsybyl, Product Line Manager for Public Displays, NEC Display Solutions Europe. “The high-definition display, combined with the full complement of management and control functionality gives users the peace-of-mind that easy operation is assured and that the content is getting across.”

Availability and Warranty
The MultiSync® X462HB will be available in December 2011. Each unit includes a power cord, IR remote control, VGA-VGA signal cable, user manual on CD-ROM and terminal cover. The LAN control software can also be downloaded freely. NEC Display Solutions Europe offers a three-year pan-European service warranty including the backlight.

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