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Nine Global Cities Announce Winning Solutions To Help Millions Of Citizens

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 14, 2010 23:57 CET

The cities of Barcelona, Caceres, Chicago, Eindhoven, La Selva, Oeiras, Sant Cugat, Stockholm and Taipei, have joined Living Labs Global to announce the solutions selected to address major societal challenges. 43 international jurors reviewed 317 entries for the Living Labs Global Showcase Award from 28 countries and 140 cities around the world. 11 winners, now invited to implement their solutions in the participating cities, were announced tonight at an award ceremony held at ESADE Creapolis in Sant Cugat (Spain) with participation of 150 international Mayors and business leaders from 50 cities in 15 countries.

- This is a very practical way to showcase innovation, in direct connection to solving challenges that every city and society have, says Anette Scheibe, CEO of the Electrum Foundation and Kista Science City AB, the development organisation for Kista Science City. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this process. Open Green Map is a brilliant example where the actual citizens of the city has contributed to a greener future for their own city. Stockholm has received a long list of awards for turning societal visions into practice. Recently Stockholm was elected Europe's First Green Capital in 2010, and also won the award Intelligent Community of Year 2009 by ICF, which shows the commitment the city has to seek out solutions that can extend existing and offer new services to citizens and corporations in the city, making extensive use of technology to improve efficiency, accessibility and attractiveness of services, she concludes.

- This shows the importance of benchmarking and collaboration between cities in order to develop new solutions that simplify the life of our citizens. This is in line with the STOKAB mission, as we have provided the means for the people of Stockholm to access high fibers connections in the whole of the city , says Anders Broberg Head of Communication at STOKAB/IT Infrastructure company, City of Stockholm.

The Winners of the 2010 Living Labs Global Showcase Awards are:
Barcelona: Autonomous Sensors to Monitor Garbage Capacity in Urban Dumpsters
Caceres: Energy Saving through Smart Applications
Chicago: Sustainable Food
Eindhoven: Local Innovation Plan
Oeiras: Central intelligent irrigation controller
La Selva: Sustainable Food, Wikiloc Active Routes
Sant Cugat: Real-time parking management in a city.
Stockholm: Open Green Map
Taipe: Wikiloc Active Routes, Taxi2

About the award:
Challenges put forward in the Showcase Award included new solutions to social inclusion, citizen participation, cultural engagement, water management and tourism. The winners of the Living Labs Global Showcase Award are now invited to implement their solutions in the cities, to demonstrate their efficiency and offer an important opportunity for providers to enter new markets.

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Stockholm has long acted as one of the leading nodes and gateways into this region, with not only significant research and business leadership, but importantly a very committed city authority working hand in hand with the business community to improve the city's attractiveness and efficiency.

The city is continuously investing in strategic challenges and innovations that have enabled greater service provision to citizens and the business community, often pioneering such concepts in partnership with the high-tech ICT cluster of Kista Science City, co-partner of this category, and home to some more than 1200 ICT companies employing over 65,000 professionals.

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