Noko Jeans Museum re-opens at new location

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 17, 2009 11:53 CET

This Saturday, December 19th, the museum will re-open, as a stand-alone guerilla store on Vartoftagatan 47, just around the corner of the department store “Skrapan”, in Stockholm, Sweden.

- It feels great to be back and up and running again, say the three founders Jacob Åström, Tor Rauden Källstigen and Jakob Ohlsson in a collective voice. We got tons of offers after PUB decided the store had been open long enough, but finally settled on opening our own autonomous store.

The shop, called a museum - as it serves to tell the Noko Jeans story in more ways than just the jeans - will be open Tuesdays — Fridays, 11 - 19, and Saturdays 12 — 16. Sometimes it’ll be open way after the regular opening hours, just visit nokojeans.com/museum to see whether or not it’s open.

The Museum comes in several parts: the first, on the bottom floor, is the museum and shop. In the second part, and on the second floor, we have a private showroom/department store which can be visited by appointment. Above them both there will be a revolving bar. The store will be open from December 19th to early February. There’ll be lots of fun, exciting and weird stuff happening at the store during January, so make sure to drop by often, or stay updated at nokojeans.com/museum.

The museum is built by set designer Malin Gabriella Nordin, malingabriella.com, and art director Jonas Nordin, not present on the internet. Noko Jeans is a story told through jeans. It began with an e-mail and 2,5 years later finally evolved into 1100 pairs of jeans, the first ever produced in North Korea.

More info, buy the jeans and – soon – more of the story at nokojeans.com