Noko Jeans to Gallery International Fashion Fair

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 29, 2010 09:25 CET

"The interest in our project has been huge; literally thousands and thousands of articles have been written about us. However, there are only so many e-mails and phone calls that we can respond to, so we decided to take Noko Jeans on the road. The first stop, at Gallery during the fashion week in Copenhagen, felt very natural as it is very close and very awesome" say the three founders, Jacob Åström, Jakob Ohlsson and Tor Rauden Källstigen collectively.

"With us, we’ll be bringing the two jeans models and a modified version of our Museum, in short our amazing story. Our hopes and ambitions with Gallery is to find new and great places where our story can be told, both in Scandinavia and the rest of the world".

To find out exactly what booth Noko Jeans will have, contact Jakob Ohlsson, details below, or visit Gallery’s site at http://www.gallery.dk/.

Noko Jeans is jeans from North Korea; a story told through jeans. It began with an e-mail and 2,5 years later finally evolved into 1100 pairs of jeans, the first ever produced in North Korea. For more info, to buy the jeans and to – soon – read more of the story visit www.nokojeans.com.

Noko Jeans is founded by Jacob Åström, Tor Rauden Källstigen and Jakob Ohlsson. The creative team also consists of fashion designer Julia Hederus, photographer Erik Wåhlström and art director Jonas Nordin.

Contact Information: 
Jakob Ohlsson
+46 708706727