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Nolek AB launches the most groundbreaking product of the leak testing industry worldwide

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 01, 2010 14:11 CEST

Revolutionizing helium- and hydrogen leak detector

Nolek proudly presents, after several years of R&D, the SniffIT X1®, which with its unique patented technology outperform all conventional leak detectors. SniffIT X1® is proven to be more effective, faster, lighter and more affordable than all other leak detector technologies in the marketplace today.

SniffIT X1®: Simple, Mobile, Accurate & Affordable

SniffIT X1® is designed to fulfill four main criteria, i.e. it is simple, mobile, accurate and affordable. SniffIT X1® is easy to use and easy to understand, with as few buttons as possible. SniffIT X1® is not bigger than a human hand and weighs less than 300g and has 10 hours battery capacity. It is very accurate and gives very exact results based on a reliable technology. Above all, it is affordable, in fact it is priced 50-75% lower than all alternatives and it has no hidden variable costs.

”The launch of the SniffIT X1® once again proclaims Nolek as the leader in leak testing worldwide. It is really cutting-edge technology that has been used to create this unique product, and it is with great pride that we now can offer it to our customers, and thus can help them solve their leak testing needs in a simpler, more mobile, more accurate and affordable way” comments Nolek´s CEO, Erik Thomaeus.

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About Nolek

Nolek is the world leading expert in leak testing, leak detection, proof testing, helium charging- and recovery systems. The company was founded in 1973 and today the head office is located in southern Stockholm. Presently, Nolek has two subsidiaries, one in USA, and one in Malaysia, the company also has twelve distributors across the globe.