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Nordic Cleantech Open: 25 Nordic cleantech stars selected!

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 03, 2011 07:01 CET

Lund, 03 February 2011

Press release

Nordic Cleantech Open: 25 Nordic cleantech stars selected!

Nordic Cleantech Open today announces the top 25 finalists of this year’s competition. The top 25 have a few traits in common:

- They are all targeting big international markets,

- They where founded relatively recently (a majority are less than two years old), and

- They have the potential to make real positive change for the environment.

The top 25 were selected by a jury of 32 individuals, a lot of them very experienced investors and industrials and other people with insights in cleantech markets (see for the full list). The Jury where instructed to evaluate the growth potential of the companies based on three things: the innovation, the market opportunity and the team of the companies.

The finalists represent a wide array of industries and technologies. Artificial Intelligence, robotics, nano technology and a swap service for second hand goods is side by side with more well known cleantech sectors such as lighting, wind, wave and solar.

Jury member Michael Lauridsen comments:

"I have invested in this field over a number of years and I was surprised by the high quality of incoming applications. The potential of many of these start-ups is clearly very large. It was also encouraging to see promising ideas across such a broad range of cleantech segments."

Michael Stuer Lauridsen is a partner of BankInvest New Energy Solutions. He has more than 25 years experience from Schneider Electric, Siemens and ABB.

The finalists will now be convened for a networking weekend at Trolleholm castle to meet and work on their business cases with selected investors and industrials.

After this, showcasing events in London and a final event in Copenhagen is lined up for the participants.

We are proud to present – the 25 best Nordic cleantech startups:

AkkuSer, Finland

AkkuSer is recycling batteries like no one else. The company has developed a novel recycling technology that increases both safety and raises the recycling crate considerably. Valuable metals like nickel, cobalt and iron are recovered and can be sold.

Applied Nano Surfaces, Sweden

Applied Nano Surfaces offers a low friction coating method. The technology can significantly enhance the performance and reduce waste of energy in for example combustion engines, bearings and compressors.

BT Wood, Finland

BT Wood® has developed environmentally friendly wood preservation products. These products have the potential to revolutionize the wood preservative industry where market leaders still rely heavily on harmful toxic chemicals.

Cortus, Sweden

Cortus have developed a gasification technology for supplying green power to process industries. This technology offers flexibility to use a variety of biofuels, no fossil CO2 emission and a clean synthesis gas in one integrated process.

Ecospark, Sweden

Ecospark has a technology with the potential to revolutionize lighting. Ecosparks LEDs are more energy efficient than the existing, provide an excellent light spectrum and can be manufactured at 8 to 10 times lower cost than existing LEDs.

Enevo, Finland

Enevo's solution is a consumer friendly energy management service. The intention is to reach a mass market with an easily understandable, affordable and complete energy management service that upgrades homes to the next generation in energy efficiency, comfort and safety.

EnSol, Norway

EnSol is developing a unique photovoltaic cell technology. This technology utilizes the phenomenal optical absorption of metal nano particles. The manufacturing process will allow large scale, low cost production.

GridManager, Denmark

The GridManager solution is an all-in-one package of energy efficiency. It enables individual intervention, online monitoring and automatic management of your electricity use. Through a web portal electricity consumption profiles can be easily analyzed and controlled.

Innowind, Norway

Innowind is offering a “Game Change” in the wind industry. The product is an innovative windmill rotor system that utilizes both horizontal and vertical kinetic energy. The concept reduces the diameter on a windmill with 2/3rd while keeping the energy output.

JustCommonSense, Sweden

JustCommonSense has a unique technology for organic mechanical weed control in growing crops. It is basically a weed cutter, which combs through the growing crop and cuts the weeds while sparing the crop.

MHG Systems, Finland

MHG´s business idea is a global bio energy and feedstock resource-planning service to be developed in a Ghanaian case study as an African bio energy platform and global biomass certification tool.

Mzymes, Finland

Mzymes is offering a sustainable solution to bioremediation of contaminated soils. The innovative technology is based on using fungi in bioremediation. The method is able to degrade persistent contaminants more rapidly and efficiently than composting method.

Netcycler, Finland

Netcycler is an online swap service for second-hand goods. In 2010, Netcycler was launched in Finland and it is currently being launched in Germany. There are already over 18 000 users of Netcycler and the number grows exponentially. Netcycler makes trading second-hand goods easy, social and fun.

Oricane, Sweden

The Internet today uses more than 5% of the total electricity in the world. By providing faster, simpler and cheaper software solutions Oricane minimizes Internet's overall energy consumption. The power consumption can easily be reduced by over 95%.

Pontoon Power, Norway

Pontoon Power offers a concept for a relatively large-scale production of electric energy from ocean waves. It is a floating wave power station suitable for operation in the open ocean. The technology can be as profitable as energy produced by wind turbines.

Rehact, Sweden

Rehact has developed a new type of ventilation/heat exchanger unit to be used in buildings. The product creates synergies with existing technology thereby enabling a higher level of reused energy but also better utilization of local energy sources like solar collectors.

ReMake Electric, Iceland

ReMake Electric has developed an energy management system that give consumers detailed information that enables energy savings, increases operational safety and allows monitoring via text message or email.

Scandinavian Energy Efficiency Co, SEEC, Sweden

SEEC offers smart geothermal energy storage. Summer heat is stored in the soil for retrieval in winter. Winter cold is stored in the soil for retrieval in summer. Storing energy instead of producing it significantly reduces operating costs and energy consumption.

Seaweed Energy Solutions, Norway

SES innovation is a sheet-like structure that in essence copies a very large seaweed plant where seaweed can be seeded and cultivated. This large-scale cultivation and conversion of the biomass to biogas and bioethanol is the main tasks for the company.

Sorbwater Technology, Norway

Sorbwater have developed Sorbfloc, a highly specialised flocculent, to remove particles from wastewater. Sorbfloc is seaweed based; totally green and highly effective in cleaning for example slop water from offshore oil rigs.

Sorubin, Sweden

Sorubin addresses the need of water aeration via its novel and high energy saving technology. The main advantage of the technology is the large energy efficiency. The technology offers a decrease of energy costs related to aeration of up to 90%.

Svenska Aerogel, Sweden

Svenska Aerogel offers aerogel that can be used for filtration of air and water or as insulation. The manufacturing process makes it possible to produce aerogels at a significantly lower cost than existing. These products are environmentally friendly and recyclable.
Vigor Wave Energy, Sweden

The Vigor Wave Energy Converter is a big hose floating on the water’s surface. Letting in seawater and air into the hose creates batches that “surf” inside the hose. The batches create high-pressurized water that is led through a turbine and is transformed to electric power.

WindFlip, Norway

WindFlip is a specialised barge that transports and installs floating wind turbines. The barge can operate in shallow waters, opening up huge markets worldwide for floating offshore wind turbines. WindFlip is enabling floating wind.

ZenRobotics, Finland

ZenRobotics manufactures a robotic waste sorting system. The system utilizes biomimetic artificial intelligence and industrial robots to separate raw materials. Using the system, construction and demolition waste is turned to useful products and sold at a profit.

About the Nordic Cleantech Open:

The Nordic Cleantech Open is a business competition, aiming to identify, upgrade and display the top 25 early stage cleantech companies in the Nordic region each year.

Identify: Trough working with the start up ecosystem to identify existing cleantech start-ups and to inspire entrepreneurs about the cleantech potential.

Upgrade: A highly competent jury selects 25 top runners based on their growth potential. These 25 will undergo a program of activities that will help them build a solid business case, including a Nordic weekend camp.

Highlight: A Nordic final in Copenhagen brings together leading investors, professionals and industrials active in the cleantech sector and selects the ultimate winner.

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Alexander Lidgren


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