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Nordic Day 2012: Early childhood interventions - attractive and effective?

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 22, 2012 16:10 CET

NORDIC DAY takes this year place on June 24, 2012 at Scandic Copenhagen Hotel, Vester Søgade 6, Copenhagen

Participation in Nordic Day is free of charge.

THIS YEAR, the themes for Nordic Day, are the results from a Nordic project on early preventive interventions for families in risk of social marginalization. Today we know that a large proportion of children who already at preschool age show signs of not doing well, will likely experience further problems in adolescence. The project focuses on preschool children and their families. In the Nordic countries there is a wide range of early efforts to these families, and we will highlight best practices but also problematize interventions and target groups.

• Good intentions are not enough! We have to know if early interventions make a difference. Promising interventions in the Nordic countries will be presented and discussed.

• Universal services to families are a part of the Nordic welfare model. The number of family centres is increasing in the Nordic countries, as a means to simplified access to services. What role do activities as these play for families at risk of marginalization?

• Knowledge on risk and protective factors for children and families – can it be useful for professionals working within day-care for children?

• How can we get better value for money by investing in early support to families?

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