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Nordic E-sport show starts 2016 with new International collaboration.

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 04, 2016 14:17 CET

ESEN studios have with King of Nordic taken esport entertainment to a new level. The production offers professional TV production, worldwide streaming, grass root commitment and classic prime time entertainment.

- We are very excited to have G2A join the King of Nordic family. Not only is their services top-quality but their financial and networking support will help us to grow. The existing E-sports productions are extremely focused on the elite and hardcore fans. King of Nordic includes community, competition, broadcasting and fun” allowing the matches to be viewed by new fans in a stunning visual format” - said ESEN´s CEO, Rikard “the swede” Franzén.

The format is a weekly King of the hill tournament in CS:GO between the Nordic countries. Each nation holds a local qualifier to determine who will represent their nation in the weekly live broadcasted TV show. The season 3 show starts Friday 5th at 19:00 CET and will be broadcasted weekly at the same time.

"It's a great example of G2A’s ongoing commitment to build great relationships that empower and support the growth of E-sports across all platforms and player levels in the Nordic region" - said G2A CEO, Bartosz Skwarczek.

The weekly show is very important in creating the success of the league and for a broader group of gamers to play in organized leagues. The hope is that young gamers with competitive aspirations can achieve a moment of glory, and potentially become recognized as an esports professional. King of Nordic will give teams and talents a chance in the “TV spotlight” during the 3-4 hour live broadcast every week.

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Sweden -

Make sure to tune in friday at 19:00 CET 5th of February to follow the live premier of Season 3 at

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About King of Nordic

King of Nordic is a national Nordic esport tournament. The “king of the hill” structure means that the winning nation remains on the throne as kings in anticipation of next week's contenders. The reigning champion will earn a greater prizepool each week, and presents a bigger target for the other contending nations.

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Om King of Nordic

King of Nordic är en nordisk e‐sportsturnering med huvudsyftet att nå en bredare grupp spelare till att delta i

turneringsspel. Förhoppningen är att tävlingsinriktade spelare ska erbjudas en plattform där de kan uppnå

framgångar och potentiellt bli erkända inom e‐sportsvärlden. King of Nordic ger lag och talanger en chans att

synas i rampljuset. King of Nordics är producerad av Electronic Sports Entertainment Nordic AB.