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Nordic Edge is ideal Partner for Check Point Clients

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 02, 2012 10:38 CEST

Check Point Software Technologies’ mission is to secure the Internet. They aim to provide their clients with a VPN solution that protects their clients against all threats, regardless of entry point. The Nordic Edge One Time Password (OTP) Server is an ideal partner to reach that goal. It is the premium strong authentication method on the market, protecting logins while maintaining user-friendliness. With the extra layer of security that the OTP Server provides, Check Point clients enjoy comprehensive protection against unauthorized logins and the subsequent theft of sensitive business information.


 Added Security

Nordic Edge One Time Password (OTP) Server brings the security of two-factor authentication to your Check Point solution.

 Flexible Authentication

Adapt the authentication method to meet your users’ needs. We support both online and offline methods.

 Untouched Infrastructure

With the OTP Server, there is no need to alter your infrastructure. It will work as an add-on.

Trusted Intel Company

Nordic Edge is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation and part of their push for security.



Nordic Edge One Time Password Server at a glance

 The OTP Server has been specifically developed to provide strong authentication in a cost-efficient way that is easy to use. It can be implemented in just about any operating system, allowing you to secure your system with minimal investment.

·       Are you a small business or a Fortune 500? It doesn’t matter. The OTP Server will fit your needs regardless of the size of the business.

·       Do you want the password delivered with SMS? Chat? E-mail? The OTP Server can do them all. It will even support third-party hardware tokens, if that is your preferred method.

·       Can’t agree on one delivery channel? That is fine too. Individuals in your organization can choose whatever method they prefer. The OTP Server will support them all, within the same organization.

·       Worried about long installation time? Don’t be. The OTP Server can be operational in one day in most cases.

Does this sound too good to be true? Download our free 30-day full version trial and find out for your self. A versatile, cost-efficient and easy to use authentication method can be yours with just a few clicks.

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 Nordic Edge – an Intel Company

Nordic Edge achieves security through identity by combining identity- and authentication management. This unique approach ensures that the right people access the right information no matter when, where, or with what device.
Products include One Time Password Server, Password Self Service and several federation- and user provisioning solutions. Nordic Edge serves mid-size to large corporations and public institutions all over the world. A subsidiary of Intel, Nordic Edge is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, see

Nordic Edge – kompromisslös säkerhet

Nordic Edge utvecklar de senaste lösningarna inom säker åtkomst och identitetshantering. Nordic Edges filosofi är att erbjuda mjukvarulösningar som höjer säkerheten utan att kompromissa med användarvänligheten. Bland produkterna märks Password Self Service, OTP Server, Opacus och en rad provisionerings- och federationslösningar. Alla våra produkter plattformsoberoende, bygger på öppna standarder och är enkla att integrera med befintlig infrastruktur. Detta i kombination med omfattande erfarenhet inom användar- och behörighetsadministration gör Nordic Edges erbjudande till en komplett lösning för skydd och administration av affärssystem.
Nordic Edge är ett dotterbolag till Intel. Huvudkontoret ligger i Stockholm. Gå till för mer information.