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Nordic Edge Sees Strong Growth in One Time Password Market

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 27, 2010 14:46 CEST

Nordic Edge AB, a provider of a Versatile Platform of Strong Authentication Services sees a record growth in adoption of its SMS and phone-based two-factor authentication services. The company has more than tripled its user base this year with key wins in Banking, Government, Healthcare, Enterprise and Outsourcing companies.

This, combined with the recent announcement by Google that it will be adding support for phone-based authentication to its Google Apps platform, validates a shift in the authentication market which has been expected for some time.

"I think it is great news for the market as it shows that a major player with massive influence is adopting the technology,“ said Alan Goode of Goode Intelligence. Goode's firm published a report on "The Mobile Phone as an Authentication Device -Analysis and Forecasts 2010 - 2014" which forecast significant growth in the phone-based authentication market.

"Our research shows that the introduction of mobile phone-based two-factor authentication will not only result in taking market share from the previously dominant hardware token solutions, but also that new markets will be opened up as a direct result," said Goode. "Strong authentication is no longer the preserve of an enterprise or corporate banking user; everyone who owns a mobile phone can now benefit from strong, agile authentication that is cost-effective and quick to deploy."

"A new paradigm for user authentication, which reflects evolving standards for security and scalability, is driving adoption of SMS and phone-based two-factor authentication to unprecedented levels," said Jim Carlsson, CEO and co-founder of Nordic Edge.

"We've been seeing this shift over the last 12 months. The general awareness together with demands of an increasingly mobile workforce, shift toward cloud computing models, and evolving threat landscape are forcing organizations to rethink their current authentication practices."

SMS and/or Phone-based authentication can be quickly and cost-effectively enabled for large numbers of geographically diverse users. Additionally, password management and delegated administration like Nordic Edge Password Kiosk, are also in growth. Password Kiosk users can easily and securely self-administer their personal details and reset or change their password, with full monitoring and reporting facilities.

About Nordic Edge
Nordic Edge develops solutions for Identity and Access Management for both local networks and cloud computing services. With Nordic Edge, organizations save time and money while securing remote access and improving user administration processes. The offering includes two-factor authentication, role based delegated user administration and user provisioning.