NORMA Group introduces the new SERRATUB 3 and SERRATUB 3 Maxi Quick Lock Housing clamps

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 04, 2010 08:00 CET

The new SERRATUB 3 and SERRATUB 3 Maxi Quick Lock Housing clamps are easy to use, powerful in performance, and enable a fast installation time. As a result they provide rapid, powerful and safe connections.

The new ‘deeper’ design of Quick Lock Housing for the fixing knobs, combined with the latest high tensile strength material used in the screw support, produce clamps that are both simple to use and powerful in performance. The completely smooth underside of the rolled band also eliminates hose damage and potential leak paths.

SERRATUB 3 and SERRATUB 3 Maxi are an improved version of SERRATUB 1 and SERRATUB 2. They exceed both break torque and clamping force, and allow maximum contact between clamp and hose. Additionally, they are Chromium VI free and have high corrosion resistance.

 SERRATUB 3 enables a fast installation time and the solid band construction delivers a strong and consistence band sealing force. The SERRATUB 3 Maxi clamp is designed for use on larger diameter hoses. It features a wide clamping range that enables a large number of size applications to be covered by a small range of clamps. This benefit allows for a more economical stockholding when catering for lower volume, large hose applications.

 SERRATUB 3 and SERRATUB 3 Maxi are manufactured according to European standards and are made according to DIN ISO 9000 and EN29000. They are both supplied in 9mm bandwidth.


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