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Norsk Tipping launches online games next year with the Responsible Gambling System Playscan™

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 19, 2012 18:05 CET

Norsk Tipping will be launching online games in 2013. As part of the company’s social responsibility, the customers will be offered the Swedish Responsible Gambling system Playscan™ - a solution that strives to create a sustainable and healthy gambling environment for the players.  

Norsk Tipping will use Playscan™ on all products, including VLT’s, thus becoming the first gaming company in the world that uses the responsible gambling tool Playscan™ in VLT-machines.

-  It's exciting that Norsk Tipping will use Playscan™ as one of the key solutions in its gaming strategy when they go online. Playscan™ is an excellent solution to educate the online players and create awareness about Responsible Gambling, says Ann-Sofie Olsson, CEO Playscan AB.

Playscan™ provides the player an opportunity to control and monitor changes in their gambling habits by using unique targeted communication and in-depth analysis of their actual gambling behaviour. Playscan™ is designed to make players aware of their gambling habits and proactively keep their gambling behaviour healthy.

By providing an informed choice early in the gambling experience, the operator also gets an opportunity to create a sustainable relationship with their customers.

For more information, contact

Mark Knighton, CSO Playscan AB

Mobile +46(0)702321523

Bjørn Helge Hoffmann, Chief Advisor responsible gaming Norsk Tipping

Phone +47 95182615

Playscan™ is the first tool worldwide offering players a way to keep track of their gambling behaviour, both in terms of their own perception of gambling, and an analysis based on their actual gaming data

Playscan AB is a subsidiary of Svenska Spel and delivers unique specialised custom made solutions in the field of problem gambling and Corporate Social Responsibility (’CSR’) tools towards the international and national e-gaming markets.

Playscan AB combines cutting edge technologies with the expert knowledge and experience of gaming behaviour, problem gambling, and CSR. Playscan is developed in cooperation with the Spelistitutet.