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NorthgateArinso’s annual Talent Management Survey reveals worries over how to find and retain key talent

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 14, 2013 13:51 CET

NGA’s annual global Talent Management Survey found that 87% of business people believed that talent identification would be critical to the success of their organisations over the next three years. More than half - 51% - believed that their industry suffered from a lack of suitable candidates.

Of more than 1,100 business people surveyed, the results suggest that not enough is being done to address talent management issues across industries globally. Two thirds (2/3) of respondents said they believed their business’s talent management strategy would benefit from more resources being dedicated to it.

Michael Custers, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at NGA said: “Talent management – in particular ensuring that existing talent can be nurtured, new talent can be attracted, and key positions can be replaced if necessary – is a critical concern of businesses.”

“There is a real worry out there that there is a lack of readily available talent and that potentially this will impact on a business’s ability to deliver its strategic vision. These concerns demonstrate clearly the need to ensure that talent management and HR planning aligns to the wider business strategy. Our findings suggest that more could be done to improve this.  In fact, half of those surveyed believed that HR strategy could be better aligned to company strategy. More than one third – 34% - said that their company did not have a talent management program at all.

Björn Tellberg Country Manager at NGA said: "Businesses leaders realise that there is an issue with talent management, but they also recognise that they could do more as have talent management program in place – across the entire employee lifecycle. These program should be linked directly to the wider business strategy and naturally they should ensure to have the means in place to deliver by installing efficient HR processes, smart HR technologies and solid HR services.

“By achieving all three of these steps organisations can indeed gain a competitive advantage in talent management. From a HR Services perspective we recommend business to produce a talent management roadmap – setting out the processes, technologies and services needed over the coming years."

Tips to businesses from NGA: NGA offers three tips to HR practitioners within business to improve their talent management processes.

  1. Consolidate the technology you are using to help integrate processes
    The survey found more than half (1/2) of businesses are using between two and five technology tools to manage talent management processes. Having a dispersed network of talent management tools decreases HR data quality, complicates the integration of HR processes, and impacts negatively on reporting and analytical results.
  2. Articulate a strategy and assign experts to execute
    With so many business leaders concerned that talent management is a critical issue for them, it is surprising that so few have a well-articulated strategy in place. Only 66.5% have a strategy and 40% combine it with HR roles. Having dedicated experts developing an integrated strategy across various talent management processes will help to solve the challenge of retaining and identifying talent.
  3. Free up time & resources to dedicate to talent strategy
    71% of business leaders surveyed agreed that more could be done in their organisations for HR to be recognised as a driver of business strategy. Businesses should consider automating or outsourcing tactical day to day tasks to ensure HR teams are not distracted from focussing on implementing talent management processes that will ensure the business has the people it needs to meet its wider objectives.

Notes: NorthgateArinso surveyed 1,119 business leaders from around the world.

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