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Not everyone can clean

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 08, 2013 21:25 CET

Cleaning is a craft and a cleaner must be trained in their
field. The profession should simply have a greater status than it has today.
A common misconception among the public is that anyone can clean up and
people probably think so because most people clean their homes themselves, but the question is
if all clean their home properly?

Floors can for example be destroyed if you use the wrong cleaning method. When
using the wrong detergent (one that does not suit your floor), the
lead to dull floor or even spots that do not go away. You might have
to replace all or part of the floor.

You as a client should therefore consult a reputable cleaning company with well-trained staff and avoid
paying black. As a customer takes an enormous risk in these positions for word stands
the words and you have no evidence whatsoever that the company even has cleaned for you. It
can thus be a costly experience.

Every three children and four adults in this country ( Sweden) have some form of allergy
or intolerance. The reason for this could be tobacco smoke, poor ventilation or
poorly executed cleaning. The purpose of cleaning is in addition to making clean and tidy
to reduce the spread of infection. Therefore, the person hired to clean has to be well educated in order to get the work
performed properly.

Help us spread positive information about the cleaning industry. We want to get people to stop disparaging the profession and understand that there is a real craft.


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