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Now anybody can be the new ‘Spotify’!

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 07, 2012 20:11 CEST

Swedish Devolver takes a small step for a developer but a giant leap for the music business with -  The On Air Platform

The future is already here and it brings with it a time when anybody can set up their own music subscription service. The On Air Platform, developed by Swedish Devolver, makes it possible for people, companies, compounds and investors from all around the world to start up a streaming service with varying business models or combinations thereof.

Devolver is not only a great technical partner but also one of the best door openers to partners in digital content for anybody who wants to set up a music streaming service. To fully understand the content industries requires a further understanding of the contributors’ and content owners’ interest in protecting and respecting content and Devolver has been a part of the music industry for many years.

Devolvers music business knowledge together with the unique On Air Platform brings a once in a lifetime opportunity to the table for any party that wants to invest in a streaming music service.

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Devolver constructs and produces secure and approved software for media and entertainment distribution, mainly through streaming. By offering a solution to one of the three problems facing a party wishing to set up a streaming service- the software necessary to get access to content and to be able to deliver the content to the customer, our customers can make a good investment.