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Now it's easier for teachers to verify sources with Urkund

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 15, 2010 13:51 CET

Now there are 2 methods for analysing documents in Urkund

Urkund is introducing a new method for assessing, reviewing and further investigation – the interactive analysis. The interactive analysis is being released in a beta version in early 2010.

“The new interactive analysis makes it quick and easy to get an overview of the sources. In addition, teachers can themselves edit the list of sources. The new method saves time, and gives results that are both clear and relevant,” says Annette Embretsén, Product Manager for Urkund at Prioinfo.

The new interactive analysis is available in Urkund, and can be selected as an alternative to the existing classic analysis. This means that users can themselves choose which working method suits them best, as we now have two methods.

“In the interactive analysis, it is easy to see which source crops up most often in the document submitted. This saves time for teachers and supervisors. It is also possible to deselect sources that are not relevant. The block markings in the text are switched off, giving a better overview of the sources that are actually relevant for further reviewing. If you change your mind, it is easy to restore the original setup,” says Annette Embretsén.

The revised analysis remaining after cleaning up can be saved as a report, to be printed out or to be sent on for investigation by the Head, the disciplinary board or suchlike.

“Urkund is customised for conditions in the Nordic countries, and is today the leading system for combating plagiarism. The new method, which we are launching in early 2010, is the latest step in a comprehensive investment we are making to support the educational methods required by our customers. For us, it makes obvious sense to continue developing Urkund, to make its even better at supporting teachers in their work. Several new and interesting methods and functions are in the Urkund pipeline,” asserts Annette Embretsén.

Summary of news items
• New method for assessing, reviewing and further investigation.
• Scope of sources clearly shown.
• Facility to deselect sources.
• Block marking disappears when a source is deselected.
• Save reports/printouts of the completed analysis.
About Urkund

Urkund is the leading system for checking for plagiarism. It is being used in universities and colleges all over Europe. The system is web-based. It checks documents against three central sources — the Internet; published materials; and the Urkund archive with materials previously submitted by students (such as memos, case studies and degree work (theses/dissertations)). The system was developed in 2000 as a collaboration with Pedagogiska Institutionen (Department of Education) at Uppsala University in Sweden. Urkund offers a comprehensive approach to the cheating problem by offering training, focus days, and an anti-plagiarism guide and support for both teachers and students. Please find more information at our website.