#WeLoveFoodWaste : the cooperation is officially on

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 09, 2017 13:31 CEST

After the sucessfull launch at the food festival Smaka På Stockholm with thousands of visitors, the cooperation initiated by Foodloopz, Sopköket, MOVEBYBiKE and pool.farm is ramping up. The participants join resources to address the challenge of food waste.

FoodLoopz Sweden, Sopköket, MOVEBYBiKE Stockholm and pool.farm are dedicating resources in a joint effort to rescue food!

The cooperation started with a joint effort to address a circular economy challenge organised in 2017 by RE:Source SIP, with funding from Energimyndigheten in Sweden. The companies won a prize to implement a joint project to circulate rescued food.

#welovefoodwaste was designed in May 2017 as a joint tagline to exhibit together during the widely-visited food festival in Stockholm, Smaka På Stockholm and Foodtech Village. During the 3 days of the exhibition, the exhibitors were able to rescue approximately 500 kilos of food waste donated by outside companies : fruit, vegetables, bread, dairy.

There was often a sense of surprise when visitors were told that the food was rescued and the most common question was : "Where can we find you after the event?".

So we want to keep touch with all aspiring heroes who want to reduce food waste. For now, you can start interacting with our WeLoveFoodWaste account on social media. Soon, we will announce specific, exciting projects that can help you reduce food waste.

foodloopz.se is a platform that enables companies with surplus food to advertise to other companies

Sopköket is a caterer in Stockholm that prepares meals with rescued food

MOVEBYBiKE Stockholm is branch of a smart city logistics operator with cargo bikes

pool.farm is a platform that enables individuals to manage collaborative orders

Coming soon!