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Océ Repro Desk utökas med tre smarta funktioner

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 03, 2008 13:02 CEST

En enda applikation styr alla skrivarens funktioner
Océ tillkännagav idag att det prisbelönta Océ Repro Desk utökas med tre smarta funktioner. Med Océ Repro Desk Select styrs alla skrivarens funktioner med hjälp av en enda applikation för hela produktionsflödet. Systemet passar för både färg och svartvitt - i små och stora format - samt skanners.  

Connects reprographers to their machines
Furthermore, Océ Repro Desk Select is scaleable, allowing reprographers to add optional modules as their business and print volumes grow. With these three new capabilities, Océ Repro Desk Select fully connects reprographers to their machines and customers, enabling them to manage their operations with greater ease, speed and efficiency.

One for all
Previously, reprographers had to use multiple applications to run all the devices in their shops. As a result, they spent a great deal of time switching between different platforms during production. With Océ Repro Desk Select, they now have a single application that runs all their wide format and small format printers, and scanners. They can submit orders to multiple printers, send jobs from any scanner to any printer and load balance large or urgent orders over several machines. With one overview of operations, all incoming and pending orders can be seen at a glance, allowing reprographers to manage their workflow more easily.

Color and black & white
Océ Repro Desk Select handles both black & white and color jobs, in small and wide format. With color documents an increasing part of their workflows, reprographers can use the software to manage printing of color CAD and GIS files, PDF documents and even full-color posters. Océ Repro Desk Select connects seamlessly with all Océ wide format printers including the Océ ColorWaveTM 600.Scaleable, modular and robust
Océ Repro Desk Select is designed to grow along with a reprographer's print volumes. New printers and scanners are easy to introduce, and thanks to the software's flexibility, customers can add optional modules as their business develops. These include modules for job submission via the internet, print file archiving and job transfer to other print locations. With capacity for up to four operator consoles, reprographers can also configure Océ Repro Desk Select to fit their operations. Furthermore, an unlimited number of customers can be linked to a reprographer's shop using Océ Client Tools. This easily downloadable application enables customers to submit pre-proofed, print-ready jobs via the web.
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