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Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 04, 2014 22:34 CEST

Naturalbox has been offering its subscription service in Sweden for nearly a year with great success. “Fans from other countries have been asking to subscribe to Naturalbox during several months, so we decided that we must go globally”, says Alicja the co-founder and CEO of Naturalbox. The company is based in Sweden outside Stockholm on the East Coast. “Naturally, the Swedish culture of being close to the nature and living a simple and healthy life has contributed to our philosophy of Naturalbox and this has created a large interest and curiosity from customers and fans in others countries.”

The idea of became a reality when Alicja decided to go through with her vision to inspire to a more healthy and organic lifestyle by helping people discovering really good natural and organic products. Prior to, Alicja has been working with marketing and PR for organic beauty products in Sweden and with an online subscription service. “For me a healthy lifestyle has always been important. I live with my family on the Swedish East Coast with a beautiful environment, which allows us to go for power walks by the sea and we always try to eat local and organic food. This is a priceless luxury for me!” offers a monthly subscription or single purchase of boxes with full-sized natural and organic products of snacks, health and beauty. “We decided from the very beginning that we want to offer full-sized organic products + samples. Our customers can choose the regular Naturalbox or a Mysterybox that is a more luxurious Naturalbox where we don’t disclose the products and give our customers an organic and happy surprise. Secondly, we also offer a Veganbox, since this has been something that our Swedish customers and fans have been asking us for. I strongly, believe in the future of organic and vegan products for daily use. In Scandinavia we can see a large growth of the organic market and people are really interested in a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. “

The June edition of Naturalbox is shipped to customers in the middle of June and goes under the theme “Become Organic”. In this Naturalbox you find a Limited Edition from MÁDARA Cosmetics “Nothern Herbarium” with a purifying foam, deep moisture fluid and a regenerating night cream + organic birch tree juice from Sealand Birk + one Superbar with goji berries, acai berries, spirulina and broccoli + four samples of organic tea from The London Tea Company. Please find out more about Naturalbox and our philosophy at

“Make your days happy and healthy”

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