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Ombudsman tips over couched Electronica with his new album ”Sentiment”

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 02, 2013 18:13 CEST

On his new album Sentiment, Ombudsman transgresses musical structure and predictability, steering away from the linear and loop shaped. Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Chris Clark are some of Ombudsman’s influences. With a penchant for 90s synthesizers and abstract IDM electronica, Ombudsman does not hesitate to tip over the dance floor:

- The IDM culture of the 90s was more like ”couch techno,” it was difficult for the dance floor to follow. For instance, if you play some Aphex Twin tracks at four in the morning half the dance floor will tip over, which I consider an achievement of sorts, Ombudsman giggles.

Movement, rhythm and dance are highly influential to Ombudsman’s compositions. In addition to his background as a pianist, Ombudsman also has a dancer background, primarily within street funk, electric boogie and waacking (a type of disco dance). However, Ombudsman’s dance influences do not entail a conventional approach to electronic dance music:

-  Approaching music in terms of movement gives me a different perspective as a composer, and conversely a musical approach to movement gives me a different perspective as a dancer.

Ombudsman’s new album has more in common with hip hop than four-on-the-floor techno because he relates to the tempo variations and rhythmic liberties of hip hop. Sentiment is an emotionally driven album, but with a point and an intention. Simultaneously, Ombudsman’s tracks are emotionally ambivalent – never clear cut as happy, sad or aggressive, and especially not accommodating:

- My music is supposed to be confusing, there has to be a bit of friction for the listener to reflect and experience novelty. Music becomes interesting if it rubs you the wrong way, but there are artists who make this into an effect, and
that becomes overdone and predictable.

Ombudsman’s album Sentiment follows up his last album And His Father Was a Great Machine, released on the label Mareld in 2009 and nominated for the Swedish Electronica Manifest prize in 2011 under the “experimental” category.

Sentiment is released on all digital platforms  April 18 by Swedish label Meerkat Recordings


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