Once upon a girl - the best paid artist in February and March

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 21, 2009 10:58 CEST

Once Upon a Girl was the best-paid artist in February and March. She uploaded her songs at the end of November last year and in January she suddenly noticed a great increase in the number of listeners. When I ask her about this, she says, "It must simply have to do with the songs themselves! I'm not sure what it is that makes people like them so much; you'll have to ask my listeners!"

The artist behind Once Upon a Girl, Sarah Nilsson, has always been interested in music, but has only recently started writing her own songs. "Writing pop-songs is the ultimate art form for my personality; they are compact, straight to the point, and can exist in so many variations!"

When asked to describe her music Sarah answers, "My songs are like pop-pills with an immediate effect! But defining your own music is close to impossible. I know what I feel when I write the songs, but what really matters is what the audience experiences when listening." Finally I asked Sarah about her thoughts on the future. "I can't wait to release my first album! My dream is to have my songs played on the radio, in movies, and, well; everywhere!"

The 22nd of April, One Upon a Girl has an acoustic gig at Mitt andra hem in Gothenburg, Sweden. Also she has just finished recording four new songs that are currently being mixed and should be uploaded here on Ubetoo within the month.

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