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One of the Oldest Email Technology Companies Turns 25

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 13, 2019 11:55 CET

LISTSERV® Endures as L-Soft’s Core Business

STOCKHOLM (February 13, 2019) – When Eric Thomas started L-Soft in 1994, email wasn’t yet in widespread use, Netscape hadn’t been released, email marketing didn’t exist, and social media wasn’t even a pipe dream.

“My generation envisioned the world that we see today, where the Internet is at the center of everything,” said Thomas. “It was our dream, our life project, and we made it happen.”

While attending college in Paris, Eric Thomas created the email discussion list software LISTSERV in 1986 at a time when only universities had access to the internet; the world wide web would not be invented until 1989. By 1994, over 200 universities were using LISTSERV, and Thomas knew that there was a much larger demand for his software. This led him to found L-Soft with just $3000 and his laptop, making him one of the first entrepreneurs to turn a networking platform into a business. It would be another 10 years before Facebook would be created.

“I didn’t have a master plan, I didn’t even have a business plan. What I did have was a clear vision and the determination to make it happen,” said Thomas. "For about a year, all I did was program, eat and sleep. It was a huge amount of work, but I just had to do it. I couldn't let my baby die."

Now, in an era where new social media and collaboration platforms seek the limelight, the use of email lists continues to develop as discussion groups remain widely used and organisations continue to engage in email marketing. This keeps email technology company L-Soft as busy as ever.

During its 25th anniversary year, L-Soft will release LISTSERV 17.0, featuring a completely redesigned web interface to better accommodate an increasingly mobile user base. The new release features three modes to display the searchable online list archives, which for many long-running lists provide decades' worth of knowledge. The new forum and blog view options allow subscribers to read and participate in group discussions without necessarily using email. For organisations running announcement lists, the new HTML newsletter builder allows anyone to design and send responsive email newsletters with ease.

"The upcoming release is meant to modernise the ways that we have traditionally interacted with email lists,” said Thomas. “People are so used to having to create a profile and sharing so much personal information off the bat. “Not so with LISTSERV, and this new version makes it easier to participate without having to launch an email client.”

L-Soft continues to serve the needs of government agencies, universities, businesses and non-profits that rely on dedicated communication channels, reliable information distribution and knowledge exchange.

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Learn more about L-Soft’s history: www.lsoft.com/lsoft25years

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Working with thousands of customers around the globe, powering email groups that improve people’s lives and email newsletters that get results, we understand that email makes a difference. As an email software and hosted cloud service provider, L-Soft strives to help people and organisations communicate, collaborate and make a difference with email. Since 1994, we have been developing and providing LISTSERV email technology for group communications. Get in touch to see how you can turn email into results: http://www.lsoft.com/contact/econtact.asp?id=sales

Om L-Soft

L-Soft, som grundades 1994, specialiserar sig på e-postlistteknologi för nyhetsbrev, diskussionslistor samt opt-in e-postmarkandsföring. L-Softs flaggskeppsprodukt, e-postlisthanteraren LISTSERV®, har använts sedan 1986. Idag har LISTSERV e-postlistorna mer än 100 miljoner prenumeranter världen över. L-Soft har kontor både i Europa och USA. Besök oss på www.lsoft.se