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Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 24, 2010 19:24 CEST

Online Impact provides internet marketing solutions to help you achieve better results with your digital marketing. “There are just too many bad websites out there”, explains co-founder and  web strategist Anne Pihl. “Many good websites also fail to market themselves effectively online and are therefore invisible. We want to help change this.”

Finding the right help has been difficult

Even when companies have decided to invest more in their website and digital presence, finding the right help can be difficult. “Limited internal resources like time and digital competence don’t make it any easier” continues Anne. “Suppliers are often specialized and lack the necessary overview. More often than not there is a complete lack of focus on results. Unclear pricing and use of technical jargon are also barriers encountered by many companies seeking help”.

Holistic view

Online Impact offers a holistic view on internet marketing. Starting with your business strategy, Online Impact  helps you to work effectively with your website to achieve your business goals and to make the most of the many different possibilities and channels the internet offers.  “We don’t just rush in and build websites. We look at the bigger picture first and advise on what makes sense“, explains Anne.

One-stop shop to create, market and update your web presence

Online Impact offers a  full range of internet marketing services to help you create, market and update your web presence. Web analysis, web strategy, and web marketing plan services help you to rethink and plan your web presence. Web development services include concept planning, design, build and updating. To help you reach out online, search engine optimization, digital campaigns and and iCommunication services such as social media marketing are also provided.

Bridging the gap between technology and effective communication

New tools and lower production costs have made it easier and cheaper to create websites and publish online than ever before. However, the staggering amount of information available online has also raised the bar on what it takes to be successful. Online Impact focuses on effective communication that makes your brand visible and makes an impression online.

Focus on results

Your web presence is an important investment and like all investments, you should be looking for a result. Online Impact  helps you to work effectively with your web presence to achieve your business goals and to measure results.

Packaged solutions with transparent pricing

“An important part of our business concept has been to clearly package our services to make the work that we do and our pricing fully comprehensible and transparent. This makes life much easier for those faced with web investment decisions.” concludes Anne.

Full details of these packages and Online Impact’s services are available at

We make life easier for small to medium sized companies who want to be more successful online. Online Impact provides professional services to help you create, update and market your website. Total care of your online communications or expert help when you need it.