op5 Helps Svensk Snabbmat Monitor Cold Storage Rooms

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 29, 2007 11:17 CEST

The Nordic catering giant Svensk Snabbmat has installed op5's products op5 Monitor and op5 Statistics to e.g. secure the correct temperature in their cold storage rooms all over Sweden. Svensk Snabbmat also uses op5's products to facilitate statistics reporting to local municipal environment and health authorities. op5 supplies open source based network monitoring software for control and monitoring of IT systems and networks.

Svensk Snabbmat uses op5's product op5 Monitor to monitor its cold storage rooms to ensure that they hold the exact right temperature, and that the 'cold chain' remains unbroken all the way to the end consumers. With op5's solution Svensk Snabbmat obtains a centralised supervision of the cold storage rooms, with alarm functions to local security companies, repair staff and local storage managers. The alarms are sent by email and SMS.

There are strict health standards in place for cold storage rooms, fot them to hold the correct temperature for cooled and frozen products. In addition, there are large economic values at stake since discarded products due to erroneous cold and freeze temperatures can cost several hundred thousand kronor per room.

op5 Monitor has been installed at 16 of Svensk Snabbmat's 18 storage facilities. Svensk Snabbmat has also centrally installed op5 Monitor to supervise all of the company's servers within its entire IT system.

In addition, Svensk Snabbmat uses op5 Statistics to extract statistics of the cold storage rooms' temperatures and to be able to deliver this information directly to each of the municipalities' environment and health authorities, and fulfil their reporting requirements.

Svensk Snabbmat is one of Sweden's leading wholesalers of groceries with 350 employees, 18 wholesale offices and 8 000 customers. Svensk Snabbmat carries a full range of products, approximately 20 000 products. The company is nationwide with a presence at 18 localities in Sweden.

About op5:
op5 is a Sweden-based company that supplies software for control of IT systems. The main products are op5 Monitor, op5 Statistics and op5 LogServer. The products are based on open source that op5 adds to and develops further, sells as complete systems, and supports.

Target groups are companies and other organizations, including governments, parastatals and municipalities, with larger data networks and needs for operations monitoring. op5 has approximately 200 clients, e.g. Aftonbladet, Volvo, Intrum Justitia, Bonnier, Max Matthiessen, SMHI, Claes Ohlsson, Tullverket and other parastatals, and several county councils, municipalities and municipal companies.

op5 was founded in 2003. The company has 25 employees at its offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. op5 is owned by the founders and the employees, and investors KTH Chalmers Capital and Pod Venture Partners.

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