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Orc Software powers Samsung Futures Low Latency Access to Korean Markets

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 30, 2008 09:14 CEST

Samsung Futures Sets New Standard in Trading Capacity

For Immediate Release: Hong Kong - Tuesday 30 September 2008 - Orc Software (SSE: ORC), the leading global provider of technology for advanced derivatives trading and connectivity, today announced Samsung Futures has rolled out increased bandwidth capabilities, provided through Orc's Liquidity Access solution, to give global customers enhanced low-latency, high throughput connectivity to Korean markets.

Samsung Futures has set a new benchmark by making a significant bandwidth upgrade to offer customers optimal trading capacity to meet their growing demand for fast, reliable market access. Samsung Future's latest initiative is driven by the growing adoption of Orc's Algorithmic Trading solution and the resultant increase in demand for high throughput, low-latency market access.

Korean-based Samsung Futures, an Orc Software customer since 2007, is considered one of the market leaders in electronic trading for the Korean futures market. Buy and Sell-Side firms throughout Asia, Europe and North America rely on Samsung Futures for advanced electronic trading services.

"As the leading options market by volume worldwide, Korea is increasingly attracting global interest for tapping local liquidity. Samsung Futures is committed to making significant investments in our customer offering and continually looking for enhanced trading capabilities that will deliver market edge," says K.Park, Head of Int'l Sales & Trading Team, Samsung Futures. "We are pleased to be increasing our use of Orc's Liquidity Access solution to offer customers low-latency, high throughput connectivity via the Orc ExNet."

Through Orc ExNet, Samsung Futures continue to meet increasing market demand for high volume, high speed access to the Korean markets. We are really pleased to help facilitate the level of service Samsung Futures want to provide to their customers," says Dennis Chen, Sales Director Asia Pacific, Orc Software."

Orc Software's latest deal with Samsung Futures was booked in Q3 2008.

Orc Liquidity Access provides traders with the solution for fast, reliable access to derivatives and cash markets globally. The solution enables access to 100+ low latency markets via membership, and gives exchange non-members reliable connectivity to 90+ markets worldwide.

Orc Software is next exhibiting in Asia Pacific at the FIX Protocol Organization's Tokyo Conference, October 8.

About Orc Software's revenue model
This agreement follows Orc's licensing subscription model to give customers access to the software, new versions and support as long as the agreement is valid. Customers are invoiced quarterly in advance and revenue allocated to the invoicing period.

About Samsung Futures
Samsung Futures has hired highly talented experts with global competency. This led to improved quality of consulting and services. Samsung Futures has introduced diverse products from world's major exchanges. For clients' convenience, Samsung Futures has consolidated the system for domestic and global futures into one platform. Samsung Futures also has created tailored system for individual clients with enhanced speed and service.

International Sales and Trading Team in Samsung Futures introduce Korean derivatives products, policies and regulations, and provide institutional brokerage services to global investors. With respect to CFTC approval of KOSPI 200 futures and options, and the globalization of Korean financial markets, interest of foreign investors in Korean derivatives market is growing.

Currently, Samsung Futures has the best environment to trade KOSPI 200 futures and options. First, Samsung Futures has 9MB ExNet for Orc - this is the largest bandwidth amongst Korean brokers. Second, Samsung Futures has the best trading system. Therefore, the price feed and the round time between Samsung Futures and KRX is the best latency. Finally, Samsung Futures has efficient back office system. Not only are Samsung Futures back office team well-trained, but also prompt in responding directly to customers' needs considering the efficiency.

Whatever you need, Samsung Futures will try to support you because Samsung Futures is the expert and one of the leading companies in Korea futures market. If you wish to trade KOSPI 200 futures and options, Samsung Futures would be the best choice for your broker in Korea.

About ORC Software
Orc Software (SSE: ORC) is the leading global provider of powerful solutions for the worldwide financial industry in the critical areas of advanced derivatives trading and low latency connectivity. Orc's competitive edge lies in its depth of knowledge of the derivatives trading world gained by deploying advanced solutions for sophisticated traders for 21+ years.

Orc Trading and Orc Connect provide the tools for making the best trading and connectivity decisions... strong analytics, unmatched market access, powerful automated trading functionality, high performance futures and options trading capabilities, ultra-low latency, and risk management.

Orc's customers include leading investment banks, trading and market-making firms, exchanges, brokerage houses, institutional investors and hedge funds.

Orc provides timely sales and quality support services from its offices across EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific.


For further information contact:
Dennis Chen, Sales Director, APAC, Orc Software, +852.2167.1955
K.Park, Head of Int'l Sales & Trading Team, Samsung Futures, +82.2786.3185, kun.park@samsung.com
Annie Walsh, CMO, Orc Software, +44.20.7942.0950