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Orcamp in China

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 01, 2016 09:25 CEST

Orzone has launched it first major public event in China. It was well visited with seminars and visits by spokes persons such as Yao Ming ,with his own foundation, who dwarfed the Orzone representives. It was also visited by many others including Li Ka-Shing a benefactor in Healthcare.

The ORCAMP is the world’s most realistic training environment for surgical teams designed to improve health care productivity. The ORCAMP is a hands-on skills training solution in a simulated operating theatre environment including an operating table, C-arm and all control functions.

The ORCAMP integrates a wide range of different simulation technologies to create the optimal realistic training set-up without necessarily ‘trying it out’ on real patients in real operating rooms. No exposure to real radiation., read more at: www.orzone.com

Orzone’s mål är att förbättra patientsäkerheten med fokus på kompetensutveckling inom vården. Orzone arbetar för att förbättra vårdkvaliteten genom att minska antalet felbehandlingar med egenutvecklade tekniska lösningar baserade på webbteknologi samt avancerad simuleringsteknik. Lösningarna används som stöd för utbildning, planering och utvärdering av medicinsk kompetens.