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Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 10, 2014 19:14 CET

 Starting at the end of February, a group of organizations working with resilience will be offering a range of webinars to raise awareness of the urgent need for corporations, communities and authorities to cooperate to create communities that are resilient to climate change, energy depletion and economic downturn.

Says sustainable development consultant Stephen Hinton:  “we see how people in all walks of life and professions are starting to realize that we are facing a new future. Many are unsure of how we could change given the sluggishness of our incumbent systems. Many are still in the dark as to why we need to change.  However, technology has advanced to a point where maybe half of the world’s population can be reached so we have decided to give it a try to provide awareness and some ways forward.”

The initial group of organizations (more are welcome) comprises the Institute of Swedish Safety and Security, the Copenhagen-based Humanitarian Water and Food Award, the political economy research foundation, The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation and Stephen Hinton Consulting.

The organizations will be cooperating to “join the dots” to explain the need to change: from a pure economic focus to putting the welfare of people first, from a philanthropic stance to putting human needs at the heart of every business mission.

The first webinar, titled “CSR and Food Security” joins the dots between corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and food security and is broadcast free  at 14:00 CET on 27  February.


Stephen Hinton Consulting

Stephen Hinton,


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Water and Food Award

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The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation, established in 1995,  develops and promotes systemic approaches and solutions to the challenge of developing society in a sustainable way mainly in the areas of ecology, economy and work. The Foundation takes a non-political, holistic approach to promoting these solutions through research and development, education, spread of information and various cooperation projects, including humanitarian initiatives.

Stiftelsen Hållbart Samhälle , grundades 1995 för att utveckla  och främja systematiska metoder och lösningar för utmaningen att utveckla samhället på ett hållbart sätt. Uppdraget för stiftelsen är att främja utvecklingen av förutsättningar för hållbarhet – ren luft och vatten - genom tillämpning av finansiella instrument på nationell nivå och spridning av makroekonomiska systemlösningar.

Stiftelsen tar en icke-politisk, helhetssyn för att främja dessa lösningar genom forskning och utveckling, utbildning, spridning av information och olika samarbetsprojekt, bland annat humanitära insatser.