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Orthocone – Best cleantech innovation company in Europe

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 22, 2011 15:01 CET

Orthocone is developing a new liquid crystal technology that improves display performance, simplifies production, and, above all, makes the displays more energy efficient. This is the result of a new technology through which the liquid crystals twists much faster than the crystals in the displays on the market today.

The present display technology has reached the end of its development potential, which opens the way for Orthocone’s new technology. A technology that has great potential according to the international investors that gave the Civica European Venture Contest Award to the company.

Orthocone reached the finals of the 2011 Civica European Venture Contest in Madrid through qualifying contests in Copenhagen and Düsseldorf. More than 500 European companies has participated in the contest, giving oral and written presentations to international investors, who then has chosen which companies they believe have the best business ideas and greatest potential to become world leaders in their field. The winners in each of the three streams were rewarded with a cash prize of 30,000 Euros, which in the case of Orthocone will be used to further develop the company and its products.

“Being chosen by international investors as the most interesting business idea in Europe in the cleantech area is a mark of quality,” says Anders Bohman, CEO of Orthocone. 

”We are of course very proud that one of our companies, based on research at Chalmers University of Technology, is considered as one of the most interesting innovations and investment objects in Europe. With the attention that will follow winning this award, I am convinced that Orthocone will see an increased attention from investors and customers,” comments Andrzej Brud, CEO of Chalmers Innovation.

This is also exactly the development that Anders Bohman wants, as the company hopes to attract approximately 1.7 million Euros (16 million Swedish kronor) of venture capital in the next two years.

“In this period we would like to close our first real licensing deal, begin new technical projects in cooperation with our partners, invest in new equipment for our laboratory, and also expand our staff,” says Anders Bohman. 

For additional information, please contact:
Anders Bohman, CEO of Orthocone, telephone: +46 722 00 67 90
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Andrzej Brud, CEO of Chalmers Innovation: +46 703 20 63 36
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More about Orthocone
Orthocone develops and markets a new liquid crystal technology which offers considerably better performance for the displays of tomorrow. This technology will also make the displays friendlier to the environment and easier to manufacture. The technology is based on more than ten years of research at Chalmers University of Technology/MC2. The company is owned by, among others, Chalmers Innovation and Innovationsbron.

More about Chalmers Innovation

Chalmers Innovation identifies, develops, and funds technology-based growth companies. Since 1999, Chalmers Innovation has been involved in the launching of 102 companies. In 2010, these companies had a total turn-over of approximately 43 million Euros (400 million Swedish kronor) and 400 employees. The accumulated investment in these companies, over the years, is approximately 150 million Euros (1.37 billion Swedish kronor). These results make Chalmers Innovation the leading investor and company incubator in Sweden. Chalmers Innovation has been chosen to be part of regional and national incubator ventures by Innovationsbron and Region Västra Götaland.