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Out Now ! Latest UNIC6 double album “SOUND & TÉLÉ-PORTATION; SONIC LAUNCH and SHOWCASE” 24 tracks + one bonus

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 13, 2018 14:28 CEST

Release Now ! Latest UNIC6 double album “SOUND & TÉLÉ-PORTATION; SONIC LAUNCH and SHOWCASE” 24 tracks + one bonus

13th April 2018

"Release Now ! Latest double album “SOUND & TÉLÉ-PORTATION; SONIC LAUNCH and SHOWCASE” 24 tracks + one bonus"

GREAT NEWS !!! Now you can buy the latest double album “SOUND & TÉLÉ-PORTATION; SONIC LAUNCH and SHOWCASE” 24 tracks + one bonus track high-quality download in …WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC etc… Price 90 Skr (approx. 10 dollars – 50 cents/track). Available in several music platforms worldwide.

SONIC Launch & Showcase
Explorations from the 23rd and 24th January 2018


* Frédéric Iriarte (France/Sweden) UNIC6/PHRASEJAZZ Guitar, saxophone, bass, Jew´s harp, flute, triangle, percussions, Sound FX, Film & Visual Art.
* Rodrigo Passannanti (Italy, UK) HYPERCUBE Sound FX
* Marino Zappellini (France/Italy) MINIMAL EXPORT Saxophone, flute, vocalist, composer and numeric instrumentation
* Marque Gilmore (USA/UK/Sweden) INNA.MOST NORD DRUM 2, electronic percussions
* Bengt O Björklund (Sweden) POETRY PERFORMANCE Stab In The Dark series & percussions
* Janusz Brudniewicz (Poland/France) Synthesizer, installation, Art
* Juan Carlos Jimenez (Cuba, Sweden) CUBAJAZZJUANQUY Keyboard, piano
* Galo Durán (Mexico) Music for films and soundscapes.

We are a group of talented musicians with numerous and exemplary experiences, knowledge, and contacts worldwide. Our experimental music has been shown in vast and differential consistencies of contemplative, collaborative, & elaborate placement, in well known and established venues, festivals, and organizations.

We are well aware that we do not create, nor engage in mainstream music however, we have listeners, radio stations, and television programs that are very interested in our multidisciplinary expression. Even in the field of education and research our labor & work ethic is needed and likely, expected, in a modern and creative world.It all began with a cluster of adept artists that wanted to mix and experiment with different kinds of art expression, sound design & composition, colours & shapes, 3D design, architecture, and films.Musicians need artists and artists need music for more elaboration in the manifold of their creations.

But they need as well, to experiment, to collaborate, and to try new ways and new ideas in terms of positive consultations and concerts for the public.In this project we do not know exactly what our possibilities may encapsulate.This is the surprising part, developing the sense of curiosity.

Knowing that all musicians involved all have very strong & very established personas, multimedia discographies, and most all of the artists have had several exhibitions in Art museums, Cultural Art centers, Institutes and foundations, in which we know that it will just be fabulous that we we can guaranty that.

Frédéric Iriarte Editor/Founder/Project Manager

Project´s Declaration/Manifest


Registrated at the Royal Library of Sweden in Stockholm & Gramophone archive IFPI

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