Ovation Idea

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 16, 2008 17:04 CEST


Ovation's history of innovation in acoustic guitars continues - the iDea preamp is a revolutionary new system employing MP3 technology allowing onboard recording and playback capability. The iDea allows the player to record those killer ideas that pop into their head, jam along to backing tracks, or slow down and learn their favourite bands latest masterpiece.

The preamp itself has the usual 3 band active EQ with volume control and is replacement compatible with Ovation guitars fitted with OP-10, OP-11, OP-20, OP-30, OP-40, OP50, OP-Pro, OP-ProStudio and VIP-5 preamps.

The iDea comes into it's own, however, with these features;

- 128MB capacity providing approximately 100 minutes of recorded material

- The ability to record from the guitar pickup, built in microphone, or both

- The ability to play backing tracks while playing along with audio being output from the onboard headphone jack or guitars output

- Change playback tempo without altering pitch

- USB interface onboard to download further backing tracks or use aux in for recording from analogue sources

- USB also allows the user to send data to their computer

- Preamp comes loaded with a selection of backing tracks and lessons

The iDea is being released in two formats;

  • A retrofit preamp: Opi-1 which will retail for
  • An iDea fitted Ovation guitar: CC54i-PL which will retail for
  • The products will be available from November onwards

    For further information please contact;