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Overwhelming interest in Bakuhatsu™

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 16, 2019 13:33 CEST

The reception of Bakuhatsu™, a new, revolutionary real-time crypto currency trading platform, is beyond expectation. The Fintech platform, which is developed by Sprinkle for the crypto currency investors to create extra income based on Bitcoin currency's daily volatility, is received with a great deal of interest.

The Bakuhatsu™ platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence to analyze changes in global bitcoin prices and sentiment from several different stock exchanges in real time, as well as uses Machine Learning to collect and analyze crypto currency Internet trends, compiled from a variety of sources, to optimize profits and #createcrossvalue.

The Fintech platform, bakuhatsu.io, will accept USD and EUR including the crypto currency, Bitcoin.

The first test webinar conducted by the Bakuhatsu Team last week showed an interest beyond our expectations, especially given the short notice. Sprinkle has evaluated the webinar and improved the content in line with the company's quality model and is excited to announce that the next webinar for this revolutionary fintech investment platform will take place on Monday evening, April 22nd at 19:00 CET in the form of a Facebook Live Webinar.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/thesprinklegroup/

- Our brand Bakuhatsu™ is part of Sprinkle Fusion Power, which, through a digital alignment of platforms, takes advantage of synergies and develops Fintech solutions for people already taking part in the global investment market, digitizing their finances, securing their crypto currencies in real estate investments, or using their cryptos for future investments. Bakuhatsu™ is a revolutionary fintech platform that creates a completely new investment vehicle for making profit on Bitcoin price changes. During the second webinar, we will continue to discuss what Bitcoin is and why volatile markets are great for making money, both in up and down trends, says Ian Cassiman, CEO Sprinkle.

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