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OWASP Gothenburg Day 2016 Announces Speakers from 6 countries

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 13, 2016 15:53 CET

OWASP Gothenburg Day 2016 Announces Speakers from 6 countries

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN (November 13 2016)

OWASP Gothenburg, the local chapter of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), a worldwide nonprofit organization focused on improving the security of software, announces local and international speakers on OWASP Gothenburg Day 2016.

Expanding from last year’s successful conference, OWASP Gothenburg presents a full day of security goodness. Thanks to gold sponsor Atea, the leading Nordic and Baltic supplier of IT infrastructure with numerous specialists in cyber security, the event allows security experts, software developers and forensic analysts to expand their knowledge and meet others active in the IT security field.

Lukasz Olejnik – (Ab)using Web Sensors: Privacy for the Modern Web

Alex Inführ – PDF + the Web: What could possible go wrong

Nanne Baars – WebGoat: Teaching application security 101 (workshop)

Björn Kimminich – Gothenburg pwns the OWASP Juice Shop (workshop)

Avi Douglen – Passwords, Rehashed All Over Again

Janne Haldesten – Please hold, your call is being rerouted: Vulnerabilities in the SS7 protocol

Marielle Eide – The new General Data Protection Regulation – Are you ready?

Pierre Pavlidès – Overview of some automotive RKE systems

“Thanks to our sponsors Atea, Mullvad, OP5 and Chalmers University of Technology, we’re able to welcome speakers from Egypt, UK, Germany, Sweden, Israel and Canada and grow the event by 50% compared to last year. ” says Mikael Falkvidd, OWASP Gothenburg board member.

OWASP Gothenburg day attendees will learn about cutting edge approaches to attack and secure web applications and IT infrastructure. The evening event will give ample opportunity to discuss hardcore technology and challenges within IT security.

To participate in OWASP Gothenburg Day, November 24th 2016, please register at https://owaspgbgday.se/tickets/. For more information about OWASP Gothenburg Day, please visit https://owaspgbgday.se/.

Press contact: Mikael Falkvidd, mikael.falkvidd@owasp.org +46733709031

About OWASP Gothenburg

The OWASP Gothenburg chapter was founded in 2011 and has since then increased security awareness among developers, project managers and IT security personnel by offering interesting presentations and demonstrations on security - both large and small. Community Hack-days, mingling, domestic and foreign speakers profiles the chapter as a serious player offering the community members an arena where they can meet like-minded people, share ideas and discuss the latest security advancements. We can be found at https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Gothenburg


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