PacketFront announces Broadband business Engine

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 30, 2008 13:19 CEST

Broadband Business Engine, or BBE in short, is a modular application suite that offers a number of business applications independently under a common user interface framework, enabling easy add-on of future applications.

PacketFront, the pioneer in open-access broadband networking, is announcing its new Operations- and Business Support platform, the Broadband Business Engine (BBE) at theBroadband World Forum Europe 2008in Brussels. BBE is composed of a set of "views", or applications, that present the data for the user and the BBE Core framework. BBE Core is built as a modular framework, which gives the benefit of easy adoptions to future needs, and 3'rd party integration without losing underlying business rules.

The first version of the Broadband Business Engine can be equipped with be equipped with any of the following applications:

-BBE Admin, which is the BBE Core administration tool, allowing the Network Operator to mange some of the "behind the scenes" functionality, such as security- and inventory management.
-SMT (Subscriber Management Tool), which is an application to manage services, products, customers and subscriptions.
-HMT (Helpdesk Management Tool), which is an application that can be used by a helpdesk to see the actual status of a customers' subscription.
-SSP (Service Selection Portal), which gives the end users the possibility to activate and deactivate subscriptions in a friendly manner - in their own home.

The Broadband Business Engine offers cost efficient business operation by having all functionality in the same framework, with the same look and feel and cross-application functionality. Thanks to the flexible business logic in the framework, the Broadband Business Engine does not only enable Service Providers to create innovative product offerings and differentiation, but also enables powerful marketing- and statistics report generation.

The Broadband Business Engine framework is built on the TMF NGOSS standards, offering the flexibility to easily integrate external applications by using the SID model and clear mapping of supported eTOM processes.

"The Broadband Business Engine makes it possible to run the networks more cost efficient and easier to identify new business opportunities" says PacketFront CEO Niclas Sonesson. "BBE is therefore a very important and ground breaking application to help our customers enable even higher profitability in their networks."

Broadband Business Engine are available from today