PacketFront Inc. announces acquisition of DynamicCity

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 08, 2007 08:33 CEST

PacketFront, the pioneer of open-access broadband networking, today announced its US subsidiary, PacketFront Inc., has completed its acquisition of DynamicCity, the operational force behind the groundbreaking UTOPIA initiative.

"This acquisition is about taking the best thinking in North America on open access broadband and public broadband initiatives and combining it under one roof," said Matt Wenger, President of PacketFront Inc. "Our most important product is our customer's success and we all know that technology alone does not guarantee that. With the addition of the DynamicCity team we can now offer the local experience, knowledge and capacity our clients need to design, finance, build and manage large-scale, successful open access networks."

Keith Wilson, former CEO of DynamicCity and now VP of Asset Management for PacketFront Inc., concurs, "We are very enthusiastic about joining with PacketFront. They have what are undisputedly the best tools and systems for managing open, multi-provider networks. Combined with our asset management experience and capabilities we can deliver the premier turn-key solution for open networks in the marketplace. It is a positive move for us and our customers."

"PacketFront's acquisition of DynamicCity is a truly exciting development for the UTOPIA network," says Paul Morris, Executive Director of UTOPIA, Utah's 14-city municipal open access fiber network. "Adding PacketFront's open access technologies and global experience to DynamicCity's proven track record of outstanding network operations and asset management is just great news for us and our subscribers. We're looking forward to taking our customer's network experience to the next level with this world-class organization."

Partners of both companies will benefit as well, as the acquisition enables PacketFront to expand on its opportunities aggressively. "A successful open network is built on the work of tens if not hundreds of companies," said Wenger. "Both PacketFront and DynamicCity have long treasured our strong relations with our finance, design, engineering and construction partners, other technology vendors, and of course the service providers of data, voice, video and other innovative applications that make our open networks so successful and unique. We look forward to growing these strategic relationships further with our accelerating expansion."

The company will integrate its operations in North America over the next several months, with the Utah office emerging as the primary operations center and the new Denver location serving as the Management and Sales office.

About DynamicCity
DynamicCity is the operational force behind the groundbreaking UTOPIA network, which was created by 14 cities in the state of Utah which joined together to provide wholesale, open fiber network services to businesses and residents. DynamicCity is also involved in various other projects throughout the United States. DynamicCity provides cost & revenue analysis and business plan creation services, as well as service provider management, network design and consulting, network implementation and construction management, and ongoing network operation services.