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Paradigm shift in broadband technology demands for new business models

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 09, 2010 16:22 CEST

Acreo organizes a workshop “Next generation optical access networks: new value chains and emerging business models”, in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, at the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) 2010 19th of September in Turin, Italy.

The workshop will address the evolution of the business of optical access in the coming years. The migration from copper and coax to fiber will see an acceleration in the near future, and a paradigm shift will take place from service-dedicated networks to open, multilayer networks where all services will be delivered over one access network. New services and applications are rapidly driving bandwidth demands towards 1 Gb/s per subscriber and above. Which business model will ensure profitability for all the actors involved?  What model will give the greatest socio-economic benefits for society at large?

During the workshop the viewpoints of incumbent and alternative network operators, service and application providers, vendors, researchers and regulators will be confronted. Among the speakers are Jan Schindler, FTTH council Europe, Phil Winterbottom, CTO Product Unit Broadband Access, Ericsson and Crister Mattsson, Swedish Broadband Alliance/ Acreo.

“Working in the research frontline developing future access networks I would say we have a challenging task ahead of us to find a business model that will meet the requirements set by the coming paradigm shift in the technique” says Anders Berntson, head of Networking and Transmission Laboratory at Acreo.

About ECOC
The European Conference on Optical Communications, with over 5000 visitors, is the largest European optical communications event and the meeting place for everyone in the fibre-optic communication technology industry. Over 300 companies worldwide will be represented at booths, workshops, and market sessions. www.ecoc2010.org

The workshop “Next generation optical access networks: new value chains and emerging business models” will take place on the conference 1st day, on Sunday, September 19, between 14:30 and 18:00.

Marco Forzati, workshop organizer
phone: +46 8 632 7753 e-mail: marco.forzati@acreo.se

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