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Pay your dumplings with mobile – Point and Accumulate in collaboration for mobile payments

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 18, 2012 13:29 CET

The popular restaurant chain Beijing8, specializing in authentic Chinese dumplings, has chosen to enable mobile payments for their customers. The technical solution is developed in cooperation between Point, a VeriFone company, and Accumulate and allows Point's payment terminals to accept both cards and mobile payments, also with or without NFC in the same terminal.

- We and our customers are curious types so we have chosen to test mobile payments based on Accumulates technology. Points terminals we already had, says Michael Ljunggren, CEO of Beijing8. Besides that the solution is secure as no sensitive information as card number or CVV code is given at the purchase, the payment is very fast. Furthermore it can easily be extended with new features like coupons, gift cards and vouchers.

The solution is based on Accumulates mobile security platform ME and Pera Mobile, the technical standard for mobile payments. The user installs an application on their mobile phones that is linked to an account or card. The mobile phone then communicates with the payment terminal with so-called NFC - Near Field Communication. NFC functionality has been available for some time in the type of Point Terminals that Beijing8 use, but will soon be in all new payment terminals that Point installs. If there is no NFC capability on the mobile, a simple payment code can be entered into the terminal.

- At Point we welcome any initiative that can contribute to more flexible and secure payments, says Tobias Wallhuss, director of new payment solutions for Point Sweden. By installing card terminals and infrastructure ready for contactless payments across the Nordic region, we can make it easier for issuers to launch their projects and solutions. Accumulates technology is innovative, secure and cost effective, making it a good technical standard for mobile payments.

With the new solution in place it’s the end of the digging for coins and crumpled bills or fumbling among countless plastic cards. Now, the customer only needs to chose pay in their mobile and swipe it over the payment terminal. The purchase is instantly shown in the mobile and approved with a PIN.

- Our excellent cooperation with Point now really opens up for mobile payments in stores, says Magnus Westling, CTO at Accumulate. Our technology is already the base for many different mobile payment services and Points card terminals is available at thousands of restaurants and merchants. So, if you want you can now quickly and easily implement secure mobile payments based on our technology.

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Lars Aase, VP Marketing and Partners, Accumulate, +46 701 441822

Tobias Wallhuss, Manager New Payment Solutions, Point, +46 8 566 287 00,

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