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Pay your pizza with BitCoins!

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 11, 2013 08:00 CET

HALMSTAD, SWEDEN – Dec 11th, 2013 – is Scandinavia's first operator to offer large-scale acceptance of Bitcoins. At several hundred restaurants around the Scandinavia, you can now order pizza and pay with, that's right ... Bitcoins! enables you to pay your pizza with Bitcoins to the current trading price.

The new virtual currency Bitcoin (BTC) is trading on alternative markets, right now at a value of 960 USD per 1 BTC . A pizza costs with the current rate of $960/B1 approximately 0.010417 BTC .

"We are an innovative young company with roots in the payment industry, so it feels like a natural step to accept and recognize this new virtual currency. " Said John Cavebring , CEO and founder of Pizza24 Nordic AB. today opened up the new payment method in the Swedish market and expect that within a week even able to launch Bitcoin as an accepted payment method in Norway. This allows payment with Bitcoin in several hundred pizzerias around Scandinavia .

"Unlike other payment methods , such as card or invoice; Bitcoins is virtually free of charge. Only a small transaction fee of 0.0001 BTC (about $0.10 USD) is imposed by the Bitcoin network. This makes Bitcoin an attractive payment method for both buyer and merchants." says John Cavebring. 

Bitcoin is created by computers that through hardware and software "digs for BitCoins" . This process consists of extremely intractable tasks the computer will perform, known as BitCoin mining. When the task is completed, the miner receive 1 BTC which can now be freely used as payment in accepting merchant locations. In practice, anyone can download a "mining applications" and begin to " dig " for the virtual gold , even if it takes some time to get a Bitcoin.

"Thanks to, you now can basically dig yourself a free pizza", concludes John Cavebring 

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Pizza24 is Scandinavia's nationwide Internet service for ordering and home delivery of pizza. The service is available in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Several hundred affiliated restaurants mainly supply pizza, gyros, falafel and salads, but also food like sushi and Indian food. The service enables the client to from their computer or smartphone easily order and pay directly with everything from credit cards to Bitcoins. Pizza24 was founded in Halmstad, Sweden in 2012 and has 15 employees. More information can be found on