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Payair Rolls Out US Mobile Payment Services

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 10, 2011 16:30 CET

Stockholm, Sweden,  November 10, 2011 – Payair is pleased to announce agreement with an experienced team of business development and technology leaders to serve as the exclusive, branded provider in the United States of Payair’s  suite of mobile payment solutions.

With Payair, customers can complete the mobile buying process in less than 10 seconds, by taking just three simple steps: 1) Open the Payair App on your mobile phone and point your camera to a Quick Response (QR) or bar code for automated product identification; 2) Self-check-out and approve your purchase with a secret pin code; and 3) Confirm payment from your debit or credit card of choice.

The Payair application runs on all smart phones, including iPhones and Androids. Additionally, Payair is a more secure solution, with a certified process layered with encryption, for a safer shopping experience. Payair’s “card in a cloud solution” makes it possible to carry debit and credit cards on your phone without storing sensitive data. For shop owners, Payair offers a “quick to integrate solution” that runs both in physical and e-commerce channels, with no new hardware required.

“We focus on simplifying and accelerating the checkout process, even making it fun. Payair has demonstrated that it can improve, streamline and customize the shopping experience – saving both the customer and merchant time and money - across a wide variety of shopping experiences. With Payair’s proven, powerful solutions now achieving global recognition and commercial acceptance, this is the right time to bring Payair to the US market. We are confident that we have formed the right strategic alliances in the United States to make this happen” – said Staffan Ljung, CEO, Payair.

Payair has been “live” since 2010. Thousands of users have signed up to use and benefit from Payair technology. Launched in partnership with Scandinavia’s and the Baltic’s leading merchant bank, Swedbank, Payair continues to add significant new customers daily. Just a month ago, Payair acquired its first $100+ Million retail merchant, Webhallen, and empowered Webhallen customers to purchase electronic and other products with mobile phones.

“Payair US is excited to introduce Payair solutions into the United States. Feedback from existing customers and merchants has been overwhelmingly positive. Payair’s banking community and retail industry partners have recognized the value-add created by Payair technology, working within existing transaction and financial systems, to reduce expenses, increase margins, retain existing customers and acquire new ones. We expect Payair to quickly become a US industry leading provider of mobile payment solutions” – said Solon Kandel, CEO, Payair US.

Payair US is the exclusive United States branded provider of Payair mobile phone payment technology and its suite of solutions. For more information on how your business or customers can enjoy the benefits of Payair in the US, please contact us:

About Payair

Payair is a mobile payment services innovator and industry leader, offering breakthrough technology for a superior shopping experience. Payair provides smart phone users with a free, downloadable App to quickly, easily, conveniently and more securely shop, scan and buy products and services from the Internet, as well as in retail, restaurant, entertainment and other shopping environments. In as little as 10 seconds, customers can put an item in their shopping cart, self-check-out and pay with their preferred credit or debit card. Payair's proprietary architecture is more secure, with multiple layers of encryption and sensitive data stored away from the phone. Also, since Payair technology operates independent of the merchant’s business platform, merchants can commercially implement the Payair payment system in as little as two days, without expensive new hardware or processes.

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