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Peepoople presents its emergency response solution at Aid and International Development Forum 2011 in Washington

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 07, 2011 10:02 CEST


Washington, 7th of June 2011

With the Peepoo sanitation solution, Peepoople offers a totally new approach to saving lives and preventing spread of diseases in disaster struck areas. Peepoople now presents its emergency response solution that offers rapid implementation on a massive scale, combining safe and dignified in-shelter sanitation with hygiene promotion.

Safe disposal of adults’ and children’s excreta and handwashing with soap after contact with faeces are the two most important practices to promote to prevent diarrhoeal infection in the initial emergency response. Diarrhoeal diseases alone contribute to between 25-50% of all deaths in camp situations. More than 80% of deaths in these circumstances occur in children under 2 years.

The goal with Peepoople’s emergency response concept is to save lives after disaster strikes through rapid and easy implementation of excreta handling in homes or shelters. Together with handwashing practices, this can help prevent disease at the source on a large scale.

“When we developed the emergency concept, women, girls and children were foremost in mind. They are the most vulnerable and make up 80% of the world’s refugees and displaced persons,” says Karin Ruiz, CEO of Peepoople. “We want to provide safe and hygienic in-home sanitation that is always easily accessible and secures women’s and girl’s safety and dignity.”

Peepoople’s emergency response solution is comprised of a module for 50,000 beneficiaries for three months, including both Hardware and Software components. The Hardware includes 30,000 Peepoo Family Packs - each of which supplies one family with in-home toilets for one month. The Software provides implementation and education support to reach out with hygiene promotion and in-home sanitation to 10,000 households within three weeks.

“We want to partner with aid and relief organizations in order to save lives by rapidly providing safe and dignified sanitation and hygiene promotion on a large scale in emergencies,” Ruiz concludes.

Meet us at AIDF in Washington June 8-9, in Booth 624 or at the Experimental Zone Pakistan Floods.


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Peepoople addresses one of the world’s biggest problems – the fact that 2.6 billion people don’t have a toilet. Each year 2 million people die from diarrhea, of which 90 percent are children below the age of five. The mission of Peepoople is to save lives by providing access to hygienic and dignified sanitation. With the Peepoo solution Peepoople takes a totally new, sustainable and easily scalable approach to providing safe sanitation to the world’s poor. The Peepoo is a self-sanitising single-use biodegradable toilet that after use turns into valuable pathogene-free fertiliser. It is an ideal solution for emergencies, refugee/IDP camps, urban slums and schools in developing countries. The Peepoo solution was launched in the Kibera slum in Nairobi in October 2010 where it is currently bought by more than 1,000 daily users and implemented in two schools. The Peepoo has also been field tested in Bangladesh by German GIZ in 2009 and on Haiti by Oxfam GB in 2010.