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Penny unveils the C Wear 30 AR Compute Stick Glasses powered by Intel® Live Demo at Intel Booth, Hall 3 at Mobile World Congress 2016

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 22, 2016 10:42 CET

VASTERAS, SWEDEN – (February 22, 2016) –Penny, one of the world’s leading developers of Augmented Reality Glasses, today announced the unveiling of the C Wear 30 AR Compute Stick Glasses – Penny’s first complete mobile computer based on the Intel® Compute Stick – the thumb-sized computer device that transforms any display into a full-fledged computer. A special live demo will take place at Mobile World Congress.

The C Wear 30 AR system contains the third generation of AR Glasses from Penny, whose technology has revolutionary applications for industries like government – rescue, navigation, army and secret service – and enterprise – lean manufacturing and modern industry robotics. C Wear 30 is 100 percent hands-free and silent. The system supports USB HD Cameras, and includes head tracking, and the unique jawbone click device, which measures the tension in the jaw muscles when teeth are clenched, for optimum selection and control. The optic device projects the image in direct line of sight with a field of view of 40 degrees, with true see-through, full-color OLED display and a perceived display at 2 meters of 70 inches.

“We are honored to be an Intel Technology Provider and one of the pioneers of Augmented Reality technology,” said Penny CEO, Erik Lundström. “This effort, developed with Intel Technology, will be an important milestone – both for our growth as a company, and for the advancement of the industries who will benefit from our product.”

The C Wear 30 AR Compute Stick Glasses will be available in 2016, complete with two different Compute Sticks -- one based on an Intel® Atom™ processor and the other with the 6th Generation Intel® Core™ m3 Processor that supports Intel® RealSense™ Technology. All Compute Sticks come with Windows 10 preinstalled, and support both Wifi and Bluetooth 4. The system can easily be paired with any mobile phone using a mobile hotspot (IOS, Android or Windows and screen sharing allows users to run any software from any OS.

“Intel is excited to work with Penny on their new augmented reality technology,” said Roger Chandler, Director of Business Planning and Innovation, Software and Solutions Group, Intel Corporation. “Leveraging the Intel Compute Stick with Intel Atom and Intel Core m3 processors, and the depth sensing of the Intel Real Sense R200 Camera, the C Wear 30 Augmented Reality Glasses will deliver a great experience and amazing benefits to customers.”

C Wear 30 can be powered by external power banks, and batteries can be changed on the fly without shutting down the glasses. Internal tests show a battery life with full use of 12 hours.

Premiere at Mobile World Congress

The full features of the C Wear 30 AR System will be premiered (ongoing) at the Intel Booth Hall 3 - Mobile World Congress 2016, with demos from Penny, Intel and EON Reality.


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