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Peter Eriksson calls for legislation on secret party funding

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 03, 2010 16:32 CEST

Fredrik Reinfeldt and Göran Hägglund, leaders of the Conservative Party and the Christian Democrats respectively, refuse to account for their secret contributors. They keep defending a system that is corrupting. Therefore, legislation is needed. A voluntary agreement, which the major government party refuses to participate in, is not enough says Swedish Green Party spokesperson Peter Eriksson.

In almost all other countries, it is self-evident that all parties have to account for who their contributors are. It is a precondition to prevent corruption and conflict of interest. Strong economic interests should not be allowed to influence politics by giving money to those in power. Sweden is a unique exception. In Europe, only San Marino, Malta and Switzerland, apart from Sweden, lack such legislation.

In Sweden, there is a voluntary agreement between the parties to account for contributors that give more than 20 000 SEK/year. But so far, the Conservative Party and the Christian Democrats have refused to participate.

Peter Eriksson says:
- Nuclear power companies, banks and Gazprom are just a few examples of companies that have been favoured by decisions taken by the current conservative government. Has any of those, or their owners, given money to the conservative party?

- Who is paying Reinfeldt? The voters need an answer to that question. You cannot represent the public interest as long as the special interests are kept secret.

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