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Photo art at quirky hotel chain c/o Hotels

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 22, 2012 14:53 CET

At c/o Hotels, we are huge fans of photography; year after year we let our historic buildings come to life with photo art. 2012 is no exception.

During 2012, a collection of photographs curated by Eric Firestone is exhibited at c/o The Maidstone.

The ‘Waste exhibit Collection’ exhibit is on display in c/o Tammsvik Mansion’s very own art house all through 2012. This photo exhibit about Cairo’s waste collectors confronts us with growing waste mountains as a global environmental problem and demonstrates how waste can be transformed to fulfill new purposes. ‘Waste Collection’ is curated by Olof Löf.

We currently have Jacob Felländer's out door exhibit NOWNOWNOW on display in the garden at c/o Grythyttan Inn.

David Gamble's important and revealing images shot in Andy Warhol's Upper East Side apartment, right after the artist's death in 1987, will be on display at c/o Krägga Mansion during 2012.

These are some of the tidbits in our permanent collection.

Sam Samore (*USA, 1963): During his time as a psychology, art & cinema student, he developed his first and most famous black & white photos: “The Suicidist”. Our tidbit: “The Allegories of Beauty”, supposed snapshots demonstrating the illusion of art and perfectionism in the fashion world of the 90s.

Hiroshi Sugimoto (*Japan, 1948): With an artistic and architectural background, Sugimoto approaches his work from different angles, emphasizing the transience of life by capturing series of events as a time capsule. Our tidbit: “Seascape”, shot 1987 – 1997, drawing the attention to the inconspicuous presence and mysteries of water & air. 

Spessi (*Iceland, 1956): A graduate from the Akademie for Beeldende Kunst in the Netherlands, Spessi is a down to earth artist, who conveys clear transparency and unsentimental reality. Our tidbit: “Bensin”, a piece of contemporary Icelandic history - architecturally, socially and ethically.

Frank Majore (*USA, 1948): According to Majore, only sex, death and beauty are worthy art motifs, which should have spiritual value and move the audience. Our tidbit: floral close-ups.

Denise Grunstein (*Finland, 1950): One of the best artists and photographers of her generation, already part of Nordic art history. She has published a book, has had several exhibitions in Sweden and completed numerous photo jobs. Our tidbit: very intense and focused portraits of wonderful women.

Felix Oppenheim (*n.d.): A photographer by life choice, Oppenheim was educated on his travels through Europe. His photos are all taken on his world odyssey, with the aim of bringing something to people. Our tidbit: Portraits of world citizens, with a hint of social commentary.

Jacob Felländer (*Sweden, 1974.): A highly talented Swedish photographer who dabbles in many forms of art. His favourite contrast: urban chaos and countryside serenity, in fantastically rearranged dimensions. Our tidbit: “NOWNOWNOW”, NYC in disarray.

Sebastiaan Bremer (*Netherlands, 1970): Starting out by reproducing photographs in paint, he moved into black and white photography and experimented with murals and collages. Breemer typically enlarges snapshots and draws dots and lines over the surface. The technically complex method gives compositions a fine quality. Our tidbit: An overhauled take of a courtyard 

Sam Taylor Wood (*UK, 1967): Award-winning Wood takes photos that examine social and psychological conditions, in particular the split between being and appearance. She has had numerous group and solo exhibits all over the world and recently ventured into film-making. Our tidbit: Lions at an oasis.

David Gamble (*UK, 1953): Gamble was born in London and now resides in New Orleans & East Hampton. His important and revealing images shot in Andy Warhol’s Upper East Side apartment, right after the artist’s death in 1987, were on display in The Cozy Lounge during 2011. The photos are currently on display at our Swedish sister hotel, c/o Krägga Mansion.

Eric Firestone Gallery (*USA, 2010): Gallerist Eric Firestone has curated ‘I’m An Artist Living In New York’ for us, featuring historical photos of artists living in New York in the 60’s. These snapshots, taken in studios, restaurants and living rooms, illustrate the inexplicable intrigue that surrounds both New York as a bohemian wonderland and the artists who ‘made it’ under the city’s bright lights.

c/o Hotels is best described as a group of romantics, innovators and gourmets. We include Swedish hotels c/o Grythyttan Inn, c/o Häringe Palace, c/o Krägga Mansion, c/o Tammsvik Mansion and c/o Villa Mälargården, as well as American c/o The Maidstone, East Hampton, NY.